Davis: Rookie QBs Should Start Week 1

"I don’t know that I would leave that stallion locked in the barn too long," Davis said of Baker Mayfield

Reiter Than You
August 14, 2018 - 7:45 am

USA Today Images


There won’t be many rookie quarterbacks, if any, starting Week 1 of the NFL season, and Charles Davis has no idea why.

“In Week 5 or 6, my money would be on Mayfield (as the first rookie quarterback to start),” the NFL analyst said on Reiter Than You. “They drafted him No. 1 for a reason. I am at a little bit of a loss to understand why it wasn’t a flat-out open competition to start the season. We went 0-16 last year, (Tyrod) Taylor just directed a team to the playoffs, he’s a veteran we can count on, we need to win games early – I get that line of thinking. I do.”

But there’s two sides to every story – or decision.

“My flip side says, you drafted that one guy that, in a lot of ways, you get the most second-guessing for because of who Baker is, his size, all those things that you go, ‘Wow, this is a first in NFL history in a lot of ways,’” Davis said. “Typically, they would have erred on the side of Josh Allen at 6-5, he’s got the big arm, (or) Josh Rosen because he’s the most proficient thrower of the football in the Draft. But they said, ‘We’re going with the kid. We’re going with that guy because he has the it factor, we believe in it, and we are going for it.’ 

“I don’t know that I would leave that stallion locked in the barn too long,” Davis continued. “That’s just me. I want him to have every opportunity to win that job if I’m drafting No. 1. And yes, I’m coming off an 0-16 season, so to me, why not? But again, it’s easy when it’s not my neck on the line.”

Davis also believes that Rosen should start in Arizona and that Sam Darnold should start in New York.

“If the Jets don't start Sam Darnold to start the season, I don’t understand that at all,” Davis said. “I think Teddy Bridgewater is going to play a lot in preseason. I hope he does really, really well, and I think he’ll have an opportunity to be traded somewhere.That’s the way I see that one. (Josh) McCown should be the backup. That’s just my two points. Whether I’m right or wrong, I sit down with every one of those GMs and have them tell me exactly how wrong I am. But I don’t know that they shake me from my belief that Mayfield should get every opportunity to start. The Jets should start Sam Darnold unless he absolutely shows he can’t play, and I don’t think that’s going to be the case.”