Davis On Mayfield: "It's Kind Of What I Expected"

Baker Mayfield called out his wide receivers this week – and that's a good thing, Charles Davis says

Reiter Than You
August 02, 2019 - 8:38 am
Baker Mayfield Jarvis Landry

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Baker Mayfield is still a young quarterback. After all, he is entering his second NFL season – and his first as the Browns’ unquestioned starter. 

But as evidenced this week, Mayfield has no problem with getting in people’s faces. He called out his receivers for not working back to him on a scramble drill.


“It’s kind of what I expected,” NFL analyst Charles Davis said on Reiter Than You. “(They’re) loaded. A lot of people were saying, ‘This is a great group, but how is the quarterback going to handle that when everyone wants the ball?’ I’ve opined from the beginning that Baker Mayfield’s personality is suited for these guys. They’re going to love playing with him, playing for him, and I also said he wouldn’t hesitate to jump on their behinds if he didn’t like what he was getting from them. He was the one that, when they came into the huddle if indeed they did chirp about not getting enough touches, he’d tell them to shut the bleep up and call the next play. ‘I’m the quarterback, I’ll get you the ball when you’re open.’ I think we’re seeing one example of that right now.”

From Odell Beckham Jr. to Jarvis Landry, from David Njoku to Nick Chubb, the Browns have one of the best offenses – at least on paper – in the NFL. Mayfield has a lot of mouths to feed, but he will ensure that no one goes hungry – provided that they do the work.

“To me, it’s a positive example,” Davis said. “Nowadays, we overdue everything. But (it's a) positive example of a quarterback saying, ‘We are not going to settle and miss the little things. The little things make us great. Not doing the little things is what’s going to keep us from our goals.’ He was talking about a scramble drill – guys making sure they get to the right spots and continue to move with him as he’s moving with the football. Otherwise you’re leaving your quarterback hanging.

“So yeah, it turned into more because that’s what happens with Baker,” Davis continued. “That’s what happens with the Browns right now. But boy, if I could line up all the quarterbacks that have yelled at their teammates before to try to get more out of them, you’d find some pretty significant ones.”

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