Hancock: We Have Full Belief in Gene's Decisions in the Selection Process

In the fallout of the domestic abuse scandal at Ohio State, College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock trusts the school's judgement in regards to athletic director Gene Smith

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August 27, 2018 - 4:41 pm
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It’s already been five days since Ohio State announced the suspensions of Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer and athletic director Gene Smith, but the ultimate question remains — did the punishment fit the crime?

This is exactly what many people in the world of college football have been wondering over the last several days. After an investigative report was released that detailed the athletic department’s improper handling of a domestic abuse case involving an ex-assistant coach, the school was heavily pressured to take action. 

In the end, Meyer will sit out the first three games against Oregon State, Rutgers and TCU, while Smith is being placed on a 17-day unpaid administrative leave. According to Bill Hancock, the executive director of the College Football Playoff, conversations took place regarding Smith’s role as a member of the selection committee, but he stated that he trusts Ohio State’s final judgment on the issue.

“Yes, there has (been conversations about Smith’s status),” Hancock said. “Of course, we’re all appalled by all forms of abuse, and particularly how it’s handled by officials is always important. The University is taking action on the matter. He made a mistake of judgment, which he acknowledged. We have full belief in Gene’s ability to make decisions in the selection process.” 

Although Hancock confesses that the committee does possess the authority to potentially remove members, they have never done that before, and they don't intend to — unless it’s absolutely necessary. 

“I suppose we do (hold the power to remove members,” Hancock said. “We haven’t done that, but I suppose we do. Since we appoint the members, we would be able to say (whether someone) is not the right fit, but it didn’t come to that. It didn’t rise to that level. If it had, we certainly would have discussed it, but it didn’t.”