Grande: This Will Be Craziest Offseason In NBA History

The NBA Draft was merely an appetizer, while free agency will be the main course this offseason

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
June 21, 2019 - 9:48 am
Kawhi Leonard Kyle Lowry Raptors NBA Finals

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With the NBA Draft in the rear-view mirror, you might think it’s time to exhale. Well, it isn’t. In fact, you better buckle up – because free agency is going to be crazy.

“It’s been headed that way for a while,” Celtics play-by-play voice Sean Grande said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “This was going to be the craziest offseason probably in NBA history. That was already set in motion months ago, and now with the Celtics coming apart on paper at least more than people thought they were going to, that’s just adding to the crazy whirlwind of it.”

Injuries to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson have also thrown a wrench into the NBA offseason.

“The Kevin Durant thing really complicates matters,” Grande said. “Klay Thompson’s injury complicates matters. What’s Kawhi going to do? Now we just watch the dominos fall. It’s a fascinating time to be a fan.”

Whatever happens, the balance of power could shift in a hurry – from team-to- team, yes, but also from conference-to-conference. 

“The NBA is at its peak as far as fan interest, but it’s so confusing that it’s really difficult to try to discern,” Grande said. “A week ago, Celtics fans thought of themselves as a title contender. Now they are looked at nationally as being an also-ran. A week from now, you have no earthly idea how things could quickly turn. And if Kawhi leaves Toronto and Philadelphia’s free-agent situation doesn’t play out the way they think it’s going to, what does the East look like after a year in which the top four in the East were better than the top four in the West? I don’t remember ever saying that in 20 years in the league. That could completely turn around as well.”

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