Horford: Anthony Davis' Father Entitled To His Opinion

Al Horford shared his thoughts on Anthony Davis, Anthony Davis' father, and Kyrie Irving, among other topics

The DA Show
February 06, 2019 - 12:38 pm

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It remains to be seen where Anthony Davis will play the rest of this season – and beyond – but his father hopes it isn’t in Boston. Indeed, Anthony Davis Sr. said he doesn’t want his son to play for the Celtics after the lack of loyalty they showed Isaiah Thomas by trading him in 2017.

Al Horford’s response?

“I think that his dad is obviously looking for Anthony’s best interests,” the Celtics forward said on The DA Show. “I think everybody is entitled to have their opinions and say how they feel. That’s something that they will have to figure out when the times comes.”

Horford, 32, spent the first nine years of his career in Atlanta. He signed with Boston in 2016.

“We’re in a business,” Horford said. “The NBA, it is a business ultimately. You want to do things the right way, you want to compete, you want to play hard and control the things that you can. I think that as players, we have to look out for ourselves and our future, and our organization has every right to do the same thing.”

Horford also addressed Kyrie Irving calling out his young teammates in January. After a 105-103 loss to Orlando, Irving said the young guys – presumably Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown – didn’t know what it takes to be a championship team.

“I haven’t really talked to Kyrie about it,” Horford said. “I think that obviously it’s a long season. That was an emotional game for us when he said those things, and as a team, we’re moving forward and we’re just trying to play the best way we can.”

While calling out players in the media is one way to voice grievances, it might be better to do so privately away from cameras and reporters. 

“Yeah, I think there’s different ways that you go about things,” Horford said. “With our group, we have a strong locker rooms. I feel like guys (are) constantly trying to look out for each other and things like that and always staying together. That’s the key for us. There’s going to be some moments of frustration. That happens. And the hope is that through all the adversity, through all the situations that we can be in, that we can stick together and be even better as a team.”

The Celtics (35-19) have won 10 of their last 11 games, including five in a row. They are currently the third seed in the East and trail the Toronto Raptors (39-16) and Milwaukee Bucks (39-13) by three-and-a-half and five games, respectively.