Mraz RIPS Pat Shurmur In EPIC RANT

CBS Sports Radio personality Shaun Morash absolutely went off on Shurmur following the Giants' 37-18 loss to the Cowboys on Monday Night Football

The DA Show
November 05, 2019 - 10:35 am

CBS Sports Radio personality Shaun Morash ripped Giants coach Pat Shurmur in an epic rant on The DA Show on Tuesday morning. Morash took Shurmur to task for several coaching decisions in the Giants’ 37-18 loss to the Cowboys on Monday Night Football, including his decision to punt down two scores with less than six minutes to go.

“We need to punt down 12 with six minutes left?!” an animated Morash asked incredulously. “Who cares if you have the ball at the 15 and we don’t get it and Dallas scores again! The game is over! You concede victory with a punt! Be aggressive! B-E aggressive! What are you doing? What are you doing?”

Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland defending Shurmur’s decision in real time only added to Morash’s anger.

“Tess and Booger – who have their heads so far up you-know-what – can’t even criticize the guy,” Morash said. “(They say), ‘Oh, that’s right, you should punt here because you’re close to your own (end zone).’ No you shouldn’t! Your best opportunity is you hope you get a pass-interference flag or you convert a 4th-and-16. You have no shot when you now get the ball back with four minutes left to score two touchdowns – because that would include getting an onside kick. The guy (Shurmur) has no grasp of football in the year 2019.”

Shurmur is 7-18 with the Giants, who will likely miss the playoffs for the seventh time in eight years.

“The reason he was hired, for those in New York that don’t understand – Dave Gettleman’s No. 1 reason for hiring Pat Shurmur was quote, ‘He was an adult in the room,’” a stunned Morash said. “Kliff Kingsbury acts like a 19-year-old . . . (but) that guy knows how to run an offense. Is he an adult in the room? I don’t care if it’s a toddler with sidewalk chalk drawing the plays! Know when to challenge and when not! Know when to be aggressive! An adult in the room? Great! The adult in the room is going to get you 2-14 again and ruin Daniel Jones! 

“What a waste!” Morash continued. “Another wasted year! The worst record since 2017 – and that’s on Pat Shurmur! That’s on John Mara, who is so concerned with stray cats running all over the field and not how to put together a proper coaching staff! Up until 1 a.m., I’m getting four hours of sleep, a pregnant wife at home, for this garbage! Come on!”

Saquon Barkley, meanwhile, had another quiet game for the Giants. He ran 14 times for 28 yards and had six catches for 67 yards, with 65 of those yards coming on one play.

“Saquon is home run or nothing,” Morash said. “I can’t figure out if Saquon is overrated or Pat Shurmur had no creativity whatsoever. As I just mentioned, Kliff Kingsbury – Kenyan Drake comes off the plane from Miami to play a Thursday night game. He’s basically on the bus, Kingsbury hands the guy a couple index cards and says, ‘Here’s the plays we’re going to run for you.’ The guy’s got 40 fantasy points and is breaking the game wide open against the 49ers defense.”

Drake carried 15 times for 110 yards and a touchdown in a 28-25 loss to the 49ers last Thursday. He also had four catches for 52 yards.

“Saquon Barkley has been in the league for two years, we run one screen to him, we can’t figure it out – but hey, here’s an end-around to a tight end,” Morash said. “Great creativity, Pat! Why did we draft a running back second overall you don’t now how to use? An offensive genius in the room? An adult in the room? My ass! My fat ass!”