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CBS Sports Radio: Warriors Will Cruise To Title

The on-air talent has spoken: Golden State will win its third title in four years – and do so with ease

May 30, 2018 - 10:17 pm

The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers will square off in the NBA Finals for the fourth consecutive season, and while the series won’t be short on star power, it could by shy on drama.

LeBron James is averaging 34.0 points, 9.2 rebounds and 8.8 assists this postseason, but he hasn’t gotten much help from his teammates, at least not consistently. The Cavs’ top scorer after LeBron? Kevin Love, who is averaging 13.9 points. Their top scorer after that? Kyle Korver, who is averaging 9.8.

Yes, it’s been LeBron-or-bust in Cleveland.

The Warriors, meanwhile, have three players averaging more than 20.0 points in the playoffs: Kevin Durant (29.0), Steph Curry (24.8), and Klay Thompson (20.5). Throw in Draymond Green’s team-high 11.6 rebounds and team-high 8.1 assists, and you’ve got a recipe for a short series.

And that, in fact, is exactly what CBS Sports Radio’s on-air talent predicts. Cavs/Warriors has become a June staple, but this year’s Finals will end just as last year’s Finals: with the Warriors winning the title – and sooner rather than later. 

The Picks

Damon Amendolara, host of The DA Show

There's just not enough firepower for the Cavs to win four games. LeBron's brilliance is on full display, and I wouldn't be surprised if Cleveland finds a way to win a pair of games. But overall, there's just no way this Cavs team can shut down all the weapons Golden State brings to the table unless Steph Curry's balky ACL seriously flares up or there's another injury to one of their stars.

Pick: Warriors in 6

Tiki Barber, co-host of Tiki and Tierney

The Warriors are still the most skilled team in the NBA; however, they are vulnerable. The Cavaliers have the best player in the game; however, the supporting cast is inconsistent, at best. Both are coming off a long, hard-fought conference championships. I’ll take more skill over less.

Pick: Warriors in 6

Scott Ferrall, host of Ferrall on the Bench

It’s just like old times for Cavs/Warriors in their fourth straight Finals, but the song remains the same: Warriors roll again. They have too many weapons scoring from all angles and are way better defensively than the Cavs. Golden State wins its third title in four years. They own Cleveland.

Pick: Warriors in 5

Marc Malusis, co-host of Taz & The Moose

Golden State has lacked focus on defense and has looked complacent as compared to what we have seen in recent memory. However, they have too many answers on offense. The Cavaliers have been carried here by the brilliance of LeBron James. The fact that Cleveland is here is their championship. Golden State will win its third title in four years, and Klay Thompson will be named MVP. 

Pick: Warriors in 5

Bill Reiter, host of Reiter Than You

The greatest player in earth is still surrounded by a bunch of duds and a head coach who's in over his head. LeBron James will go 40-10-10 most nights, but it's still the Golden State Warriors he's up against. Kevin Durant, Steph Curry & Co. will simply be too much for anything other than a Game 3 win at home from King James.

Pick: Warriors in 5

Taz, co-host of Taz & The Moose

LeBron is not enough to beat all the weapons on both sides of the ball that the Warriors have. Steph Curry is the best shooter in the game, KD is just a scoring machine, and Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are great defensively. Green is a complete pain in the butt for any team Golden State plays.

Pick: Warriors in 5

Brandon Tierney, co-host of Tiki and Tierney

If you believe the Warriors suffered through bouts of apathy and lethargy in the Western Conference Finals (they did), then like me, you're expecting a quick series once they emerge from their self-induced coma and regain focus (they will). While the book is far from written for LeBron James, this chapter ends with a predictable finish: an overmatched, one-dimensional and erratic crew getting absolutely smoked by a superior (and suddenly motivated) team. Out of respect for James, I'll carve out one win for The Land, but it's painfully obvious to even novice basketball observers that this matchup is akin to a Varsity-JV scrimmage. The only true question is when LBJ's impending free agency will permeate the broadcast and be dissected as a significant storyline. The sooner the better, as it's likely the only thing that will hold our attention. Utter mismatch. Warriors win – with an average margin of victory reaching the mid-teens. 

Pick: Warriors in 5