Rockets Parting Ways With Carmelo "An Act Of Mercy"

Carmelo Anthony has "been done" for a while, Ben Golliver says, and he needs to retire

Reiter Than You
November 15, 2018 - 10:11 pm

USA Today Images


Carmelo Anthony’s short-lived tenure in Houston has ended after just 10 games. The Rockets have parted ways with Anthony, who averaged 13.4 points on just 40.5 percent shooting for the floor. 

Anthony has played for three different teams since 2017. What’s his next move?

“I’d say a beach in Belize,” Sports Illustrated NBA writer Ben Golliver said on Reiter Than You. “It’s time. He’s been done. And I think he just needs to retire and enjoy life and not try to force it. I didn’t think it was going to work out in Houston, but I understood why they took the shot.”

Houston came within one game of beating Golden State in the Western Conference Finals last season. The Rockets thought Anthony could put them over the top.

He couldn’t.

“If Chris Paul is pushing for it, you try,” Golliver said. “You give him a shot. But he was just terrible this year on the court – and he was pretty bad last year on the court in Oklahoma City, too. That doesn’t mean he has to be the scapegoat, but to me, it’s not disrespectful if you’re Houston to part ways with him in November. To me, this feels like an act of mercy. You can’t do it anymore.” 

Golliver has heard rumors that Anthony, 34, could wind up in Philadelphia.

“I think that would be a terrible idea,” Golliver said.  “They have enough fit issues and enough pecking order issues in terms of who gets the ball and the shots and the touches already. I would not be chasing Carmelo Anthony at all if I were them. And if I was any team with championship aspirations, I wouldn’t be looking to bring him on. He may still find a way to get another opportunity to be in the NBA, but to me, Carmelo just really hasn’t been a relevant factor in the NBA since 2014 or 2015. Just go out with your head held high and don’t try to prolong this any longer than you already have.”