"Distinct Possibility" Cam Is Finished In Carolina

Cam Newton may have played his final game for the Panthers

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November 06, 2019 - 8:26 am
Cam Newton Panthers

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The Carolina Panthers placed Cam Newton on IR on Tuesday, thus ending his season and casting doubt about his future with the franchise

Has Newton played his last game for the Panthers?

“I’d say that’s a distinct possibility,” WFNZ host Kyle Bailey said on Ferrall on the Bench. “I think a lot of things do point in that direction. They do have the benefit of time. They do have the benefit of having him under contract through the end of next season, and if they wanted to wait it out, I think they could. the issue becomes they’ve got some guys that need to be re-signed.”

That includes James Bradberry and Shaq Thompson.
Still, would the Panthers really part ways with a former NFL MVP? How would fans react to that?

“You got a lot of people in this city who love the guy, revere him, respect him, and you’ve got people here who’ve really never liked him since day one,” Bailey said. “Some have soured him, and some have legitimate reasons for being concerned about his health at 30 years old being predominantly a dual-threat quarterback. I say all that to say it’s complicated. But I think the possible finality of it hit a lot of people today.”

Newton continues to rehab from a nagging foot injury, but it’s worth repeating that he’s only 30 years old.

“He’s not 45 years old and felling apart,” Bailey said. “He still wants to play football. There’s going to be a robust market for Cam Newton so long as he can pass a physical. There are a lot of teams out there that think he’s got something left. Hell, the Panthers think he’s got something left. They’re not looking to bail on the guy because he can’t play anymore. It’s that you got a kid at 23 years old on a $500,00 exclusive rights deal, who, next year they could offer him $1 million and he’s got to take it or sit out. It becomes about risk and assessment and the math of it all. 

“But it’s part of the reason I think people here are so hesitant just to sign off on walking away from a franchise quarterback,” Bailey continued. “That guy, at the height of his power, Kyle Allen can’t touch that guy. Franchise quarterbacks are hard to come by in this league, and just willingly walking away from one because you think he might be washed up at 30, that’s a risky thing to a lot of people.”