Graham: McCoy's Career Could Be Over

"This is one step shy of Rae Carruth-type stuff," Tim Graham said

July 12, 2018 - 10:15 am

USA Today Images


LeSean McCoy has been one of the best running backs in the NFL for nearly a decade, but he has taken center stage in an investigation that could forever alter his football career – and life.

McCoy, 30, is being investigated by Atlanta-area police, this after an alleged home invasion in which his former girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, was attacked and robbed of jewelry. The attack occurred early Tuesday around 3 a.m., with Cordon alleging that a man demanded jewelry that McCoy had given her. Cordon was allegedly struck multiple times with a gun, and a picture of her bloodied and bruised face is making the rounds on social media.

The city of Buffalo? Stunned.

“People are just super disappointed that LeSean McCoy could be involved in something like this,” The Athletic’s Tim Graham said on Ferrall on the Bench. “I haven’t really felt a lot of (blind support), that people are ready just to say, ‘There’s no way LeSean McCoy did this. We love LeSean McCoy. We’re still going to wear our jerseys. We here to support him.’ Maybe it’s because of the social changes that we’ve seen in the world with the Me Too movement and the knocking down of a lot of misogynistic barriers and things like that though politics. I think there’s a lot more awareness or willingness to listen to the woman’s or the potential victim’s side of the story and accept that something may have happened here – as opposed to automatically going into refuting and being in denial. Everybody here is on edge.”

McCoy, a six-time Pro Bowler, has rushed for more than 10,000 yards in his career. 

“He’s a transcendent running back in the NFL, and he means so much to the team,” Graham said. “It’s going to be interesting to see how the NFL handles this. As we all know, they are not pinned down by the legal system. Roger Goodell has great latitude to do whatever he wants in terms of punishing players who misbehave or do anything that’s considered conduct detrimental to the shield.”

This is not McCoy’s first run-in with the law.

“Let’s not forget that just a couple of years ago LeSean McCoy has the incident in Philadelphia with the off-duty cops and the night club he was at,” Graham said. “It was an ugly situation then, so he’s been on the NFL’s radar before – and these are serious, serious allegations that are being made by these ladies. This is one step shy of Rae Carruth-type stuff. This is ugly. I think you would expect the NFL to be heavy-handed here, too. It doesn't look good for LeSean McCoy. Whatever his involvement may or may not have been, the NFL has the ability to take him out of circulation – and it would be stunning to me if they didn’t.”

McCoy, it is worth noting, was not in Georgia at the time of the the attack. Still, he could have been involved in the incident.

“The allegations out there is that he put somebody up to it, which, you’re talking about conspiracy,” Graham said. “We’re not just talking about a four-game suspension or an eight-game suspension. If there’s any truth to this, you’re talking about career-ender, jail time, no Hall of Fame – all that’s gone. This is a reputation-ender. This is serious stuff. Obviously you hope he didn’t do it, but unfortunately it happened to this woman. Something happened to this woman, and somebody is responsible for this.”