Bills Name Nathan Peterman Starting QB

Josh Allen "isn't ready," Bills sideline reporter Sal Capaccio said

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
September 04, 2018 - 8:51 am

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The Buffalo Bills have named Nathan Peterman the starting quarterback for their Week 1 game against Baltimore. Peterman beat out first-round draft pick Josh Allen, this after completing 33-of-41 passes for 431 yards, three touchdowns and one interception in the preseason.

“He won the competition fair and square,” WGR Bills sideline reporter Sal Capaccio said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “There’s no debating he was the best quarterback of the three throughout preseason and training camp. He completed over 80 percent of his passes, which was pretty incredible. Through three games, he was 33-of-41. I don’t care if you’re going against first team, second team, third team or a bunch of JV payers. When you do that in football, that’s really good.”

Peterman, a fifth-round pick in 2017, threw for 252 yards, two touchdowns and five interceptions as a rookie.

“When he came in this spring, he really had a renewed focus and determination to kind of get over what happened last year in L.A. (when he threw five interceptions in one half),” Capaccio said. “He really approached this year, this offseason, as a chance to be the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, especially after they traded Tyrod Taylor. He earned this spot.”

That doesn’t mean the Bills have forgotten about Allen. After all, they invested the No. 7 overall pick in him in April.

“This is Josh Allen’s job at some point,” Capaccio said. “Josh Allen just isn’t ready right now. Josh Allen actually had a much better preseason, I think, that people anticipated or gave him credit for. All the jokes coming out of Wyoming with the completion percentage and inaccuracies and things like that – he actually played pretty well. But I think he proved in that third preseason game that the game was still a little bit too fast for him when he went in against the Cincinnati Bengals.”

Allen went 6-of-12 for 34 yards against Cincinnati, while Peterman went 16-of-21 for 200 yards and a touchdown.

“Nathan Peterman, I think, is going to be a much better passer for the Bills that Tyrod Taylor,” Capaccio said. “It doesn’t mean he’s a better quarterback. Tyrod Taylor did a lot of great things. But the reason why Nathan Peterman was inserted in the first place last year against L.A. – Tyrod Taylor was just not a great quarterback from the pocket. They needed more. They needed to be able to threaten teams better – and I think Nathan Peterman can do that.”