Bucs DB On Brady: "I Knew The Culture Was Going To Change"

Tom Brady hasn't played a down for Tampa Bay, but he's already transformed the franchise

The DA Show
March 19, 2020 - 10:38 am

A week or two ago, Jameis Winston was seemingly the favorite to be the Buccaneers starting quarterback in 2020. Now, however, Tom Brady will reportedly bring his six Super Bowl rings to Tampa Bay.

How crazy have the last few days been?

“As soon as I heard the news, they had Tom Brady [in] a Bucs jersey, and it looked so weird,” Bucs defensive back M.J. Stewart said on The DA Show. “I just knew the culture was going to change.”

The Buccaneers haven’t made the playoffs since 2007 and haven’t won a playoff game since winning the Super Bowl in 2002. 

Brady could change that.

“I’ve heard so many stories from my football friends about Tom Brady,” Stewart said. “I know he’s a field general. He’s a general out there. He makes sure the team is going how it’s supposed to, and if you’re not doing what you’re going to do, he’s going to get on you. That’s what we need as a team, especially on the defensive side playing against a quarterback like that, a Hall of Fame quarterback, and especially because we have a lot of young guys in that secondary, it’s going to help us a lot later on in our careers.”

Brady will have arguably the best supporting cast of his career with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and O.J. Howard. The Buccaneers are reportedly interested in acquiring Todd Gurley and Brandin Cooks as well.

“Oh, man, that would be crazy,” Stewart said. “It seems like we’re creating a Madden team. That’d be crazy. Any weapons we could get to get us to that Super Bowl, which is going to be in Tampa, is going to be great. We’re trying to make history – be the first team to be in the Super Bowl in their home city.”