Arians: If The Browns Called, I Would Listen

Bruce Arians is interested in coaching the Cleveland Browns

Tiki and Tierney
November 27, 2018 - 5:55 pm

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Bruce Arians has been retired for less than a year, but he’s already open to coaching again in the NFL – as long as it’s for the Browns.

“Well, I’ve always had a special spot for Cleveland,” Arians said on Tiki and Tierney. “I coached there and then going back there as an opponent – their fans are unbelievable. That team, they went, what, 1-30? And the stadium is full every week, they tailgate – they’re just great fans.”

Arians, 66, was Cleveland’s offensive coordinator from 2001-03. Now an analyst, he did two of the Browns’ games this season.

“It brought back a lot of good memories,” he said. “I would listen if they wanted to talk.”

Arians went 9-3 as an interim head coach for the Colts in 2012. He then spent five seasons with the Cardinals and went 34-14 from 2013-15.

“I miss the players and the coaches,” he said. “I don’t miss the grind. That’s the hard part. But the relationships with the guys in the locker room and the coaches, yeah, you miss that part.”

The Browns have been highly competitive this season, at least relative to previous seasons. They are 4-6-1; by comparison, they went 4-44 from 2015-17.

When Arians watches the Browns, he sees a team with “a lot of confidence.”

“They’re in and out of the huddle,” Arians said. “(Offensive coordinator) Freddie (Kitchens) is just doing a fantastic job of putting a game plan together that Baker understands, likes and (is) putting him in positions to be successful. They’re running the ball extremely well with Nick Chubb. They just look like a very cohesive, very confident group all of a sudden.”

Mayfield has completed 62.7 percent of his passes for 2,242 yards, 17 touchdowns and seven interceptions this season. Chubb, meanwhile, has rushed 122 times for 663 yards (5.4 yards per carry) and six touchdowns.

The Browns face the Texans (8-3) in Houston this Sunday at 1 p.m. ET. Houston has won eight straight games following its 0-3 start.