Adams: Koepka's Approach Similar To Tiger, Jack

It's one thing to think majors are easy to win, but Brooks Koepka actually said it

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
May 21, 2019 - 12:05 pm
Brooks Koepka PGA Championship Wanamaker Trophy

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Brooks Koepka has won four of golf’s last eight majors, which isn’t a coincidence. Koepka has the skill, sure, but he also has the moxie.

Which is why he plans to win at least 10 majors in his career.

“He’s an athlete that plays with a chip on his shoulder,” Golf Channel analyst and Fairways of Life host Matt Adams said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “Tiger did, too. But to sit in front of the media before the tournament even begins and say, ‘Yeah, I think majors are the easiest events to win because I’m going to just flat-out beat half the field, and then what’s left, half of those guys will be consumed by the moment, so I really have a relatively small number of people to beat’ – even when you hear that, you think, ‘Wow, that seems like it’s straight from some form of arrogance.’”

It isn’t.

“You realize what that really is is his competitive armor, and quite frankly, Jack Nicklaus used to say the same thing,” Adams said. “He put the number at about 20 people he had to beat to win a major championship. So you find these threads from major champions, from great champions, and Brooks Koepka’s got a lot of those threads.”

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