Westbrook On Bell/Steelers: "I Think Both Sides Lost"

Le'Veon Bell lost money, and the Steelers lost one of the best players in football, Brian Westbrook says

Tiki and Tierney
November 08, 2018 - 6:46 pm

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Le’Veon Bell tried to make a power move – and for all intents and purposes, it backfired.

He lost money, and James Conner excelled in his absence.

What should we make of Bell’s holdout?

“I hate that he's going through it,” former All-Pro running back Brian Westbrook said on Tiki and Tierney. “I really do. They've devalued the position so much. I don't know if teams believe this, but I know how important the running back is – and Le'Veon Bell, in particular, has carried that football team for a very long time.

“At this point, he's missed out on a whole bunch of money,” Westbrook continued. “I think the Steelers missed a chance to trade him when he had a little bit more value in this season. Now he's going to have to come back, collect whatever money he can and then be a free agent after the season. I think both sides lost, quite honestly, in this deal.”

Brandon Tierney isn’t so sure. After all, Conner has 1,085 total yards and 10 touchdowns (nine rushing, one receiving) through eight games. He's also much cheaper than Bell.

“James Conner is a very good running back. He’s putting up very good numbers,” Westbrook said. “However, I know that Le’Veon Bell as an all-around back is a better player. I just wonder what type of numbers he would have been putting up if the same scenario happened if he was playing.”