Brian Kenny Wonders If There's No Getting Through To Gary Sanchez

Kenny called Gary Sanchez's effort on Monday "embarrassing" and "inexcusable"

The DA Show
July 24, 2018 - 11:47 am

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Monday was not a great night for Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez. He lackadaisically went after a past ball – allowing Tampa Bay’s Jake Bauers to score from second base – and he grounded into a game-ending double play. Even worse, he didn’t hustle out of the box on his way to first. The Yankees (63-35) lost, 7-6, to fall six games behind the Red Sox (71-31) in the AL East.

Sanchez, who is known for his bat, is hitting just .188 this season. Might the Yankees need to bench the 25-year-old?

“Well, I think it’s a matter of management,” MLB Network analyst Brian Kenny said on The DA Show. “It’s such an obvious thing last night. It’s embarrassing for him. Its embarrassing for the club. It was so egregious. It goes beyond just the obvious ‘You got to hustle’ and that sort of thing. He makes it so easy, I wondered is there no reaching this guy? I don't want to come down and say, ‘Well, you’ve got to discipline him.’ No, how about motivating him or speaking to him? At a certain point if he won’t be motivated or spoken to, then you might have to punish.”

Sanchez admitted after the game that he should’ve “run harder” and “done a better job.”

“The one where he went after the past ball, it bounced off his leg and he kind of just jogged after it, and the guy scored from second base, and then you have that with two outs and the game on the line in the ninth – it’s inexcusable,” Kenny said. “I was waiting to hear from somebody – maybe Aaron Boone – to say, ‘Hey, he’s in there for his bat, he’s just coming off a groin injury, he’s our catcher, we don’t want him hurt, so we tell him don’t run hard to first base because we don’t want you to miss the rest of the summer.’ But they didn’t say that. So there’s better ways of handling it, although he’s the one who’s culpable.”

The Yankees are 5-5 in their last 10 games, while the Red Sox have won eight of 10. New York has the third-best record in baseball but may be resigned to the Wild Card.

“You might reach that point,” Kenny said. “I don't think they’re there because things can swing in a week. Right now they’re hot but the Red Sox offense is so monstrous they might be able to keep this cushion. So you don’t concede that, I think, until you’re in the last week to 10 days of the season. But I think it’s going to force them to be active at the trade deadline.”

Especially with the Indians (54-45) acquiring Brad Hand and the Astros (66-36) being, well, the Astros.

“They’re not better than the Astros,” Kenny said of the Yankees. “They could find themselves being the fourth-best team in the American League even though they’re potentially a 100-win team.”