Billick: New Coaches Shouldn't Panic After One Loss

The NFL's seven new coaches went winless in Week 1

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
September 12, 2018 - 9:18 am

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For the first time in NFL history, seven new head coaches went a combined 0-7 in Week 1.

The odds of that happening weren’t great, but in a way, it's not surprising that it did.

“I would remind (those coaches) that they got the job because the team’s not very good,” Super Bowling-winning head coach and NFL analyst Brian Billick said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “If the team were better, they probably wouldn’t have gotten the job because it probably wouldn’t have been available. So it’s kind of good news, bad news.

“But yeah, there’s work to be done,” Billick continued. “They don’t have to panic after just one loss, but when you’re a first-time coach with a team – including Jon Gruden – you’re trying to establish a mentality: Yes, we know what we’re doing. We’re good at this. We know how to win. And until you win, you worry about that as a coach because your team, until you get that win, is looking for validation that yes, you’re the guy that we should be listening to.”

While it’s only one week, Amy Lawrence wondered how patient franchises will be if some of these teams sputter beyond September.

“The NFL has long stood for Not For Long,” Billick said. “When Chicago hired Matt Nagy, it was with the idea of, ‘Okay, we’re going to bring in the quarterback whisperer for our new quarterback and we’re going to have the same result that Sean McVay did in Los Angeles. Well, at some point you need to get some wins to validate that that was the right decision, but obviously we’ve got a long way to go for that.”