McMurphy: Meyer Should Have Been Fired

"If you’re not going to fire him, why suspend him?" Brett McMurphy asked. "Three games doesn’t mean anything."

Taz and the Moose
September 10, 2018 - 10:26 am

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No. 4 Ohio State (2-0) will face No. 15 TCU (2-0) at Jerry’s World this Saturday, but Urban Meyer won’t be there to coach it. He is serving the final game of his three-game suspension.

Brett McMurphy, however, considers that a farce.

“Ultimately, after reading the 23-page investigative report – which, a lot of it confirmed what I already reported – I was surprised that they didn’t fire him,” McMurphy said on Taz & The Moose. “They made a statement. They decided that football is the most important thing and they wanted him to be the coach. But I thought, ‘If you’re not going to fire him, why suspend him? Three games doesn’t mean anything. It’s not going to impact their chances to win the Big Ten.’”

While McMurphy thinks Meyer should have been fired, he isn’t surprised that he wasn’t.

“I said, ‘If they don’t find that he violated something in his contract and they can’t fire him with cause, he would likely return,’” McMurphy said. “If that happened, though, the worst scenario for Ohio State is if some other information comes out during the season about things that may have happened during Zach Smith’s tenure at Ohio State. It’s not going to make Meyer look any better or Ohio State look any better. So that would be my biggest concern if I was Ohio State. But they’ve looked good so far the first two games.”

Ohio State opened the season with wins over Oregon State and Rutgers – by a  combined score of 129-34.

“We could have coached them against Oregon State and Rutgers, and they would have won by five or six touchdowns,” McMurphy said. “TCU is going to be a lot tougher this week, but they’re certainly one of the favorites to get to the College Football Playoff certainly with the offensive skills they have.”

Meyer is slated to return to the sidelines Sept. 22, when the Buckeyes host Tulane (1-1).

“He’s got one more game suspension, and then he returns,” McMurphy said. “Basically as far as Ohio State is concerned, it’s over with.”