Bregman: Lucroy Collision Couldn't Have Been Avoided

Jake Marisnick did not try to injure Jonathan Lucroy, Alex Bregman says, and contact couldn't have been avoided

The DA Show
July 08, 2019 - 12:10 pm

World Series champion and two-time All-Star Alex Bregman dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Monday to discuss numerous topics, including teammate Jake Marisnick’s home-plate collision with Jonathan Lucroy on Sunday. 

Marisnick attempted to tag up from third base but collided with Lucroy and was called out. Lucroy, meanwhile, was hospitalized for a possible concussion and nose fracture.

“First off, definitely thinking about Jonathan Lucroy,” Bregman said on The DA Show. “He’s a tremendous competitor. We always love competing against him. Super, super good baseball player and super good guy. No way shape or form was Jake trying to hurt hm, blow him up or anything like that.”

Bregman was near the on-deck circle when the play occurred.

“If you go back and watch the replay – or if you watch it from where I was watching it – the throw kind of takes Jonathan up the line a little bit, at least with his glove,” Bregman said. “His glove reaches to the outside, so that makes Jake want to dive inside to score the winning run. Jake’s running 29 miles an hour and has to make this decision in a millisecond, and he plants and goes to dive in. Lucroy catches it and brings the ball back to the center of his body, which is on the inside – not where he was going to catch it with his glove. So it kind of made Jake a deer in the headlines. He tried to avoid a collision, and the next thing you know, they do collide. I don’t know how it could have been avoided. I just don’t know how it could have been avoided. It was just unfortunate.”

And, for some, maddening. Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina ripped Marisnick in an expletive-laden Instagram post Sunday night. Others believe Marisnick should be suspended.

“It was crazy,” said Bregman, who leads the Astros with 23 home runs and 56 RBIs. “I thought Jake was going to dive to the inside and score for us, and all of a sudden they just collided there on the inside. He was making a baseball play. I think that if you weren’t there or if you weren’t at the game, you wouldn’t know. I’d just let the guys that were at the game talk about it.”