Edwards: Michigan Is "Light Years Behind Ohio State"

Braylon Edwards offered a sobering take on Jim Harbaugh and Michigan, which was picked to win the Big Ten this season

The DA Show
September 16, 2019 - 2:43 pm
Michigan Jim Harbaugh

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Michigan was a popular pick to win the Big Ten this year, but after needing overtime to beat Army, the Wolverines’ bandwagon is a little lighter these days. No. 6 Ohio State (3-0), meanwhile, has won its last two games against Cincinnati and Indiana by a combined 93-10 margin.

Is there concern that No. 11 Michigan (2-0) could be falling behind the Buckeyes?

“Falling? We fell,” former Michigan All-American Braylon Edwards said on The DA Show. “It’s past tense. We’re light years behind Ohio State right now.”

Edwards isn’t just talking about this season, either. The Buckeyes have beaten Michigan seven years in a row.

“My biggest concern, if I’m being honest . . . I know the pressure, and I know the respect and I know the emphasis that they put on that Michigan game,” Edwards said of Ohio State. “Three-hundred-sixty-five days a year, they are breathing, living, hating – they can’t even say our name. They hate us so much. When they go into that game, that’s that old-school, 1960s football, Friday Night Lights in Texas – that’s the atmosphere. That’s what they bring to the table when they play us. You can feel it on them. You can almost smell the hate when you play against them.”

A couple of years ago, Jim Harbaugh told Edwards that he approaches the Ohio State game like any other game. Edwards, who starred at Michigan in the early 2000s, believes that is not the right way to go about things.

“That’s not the way you approach that game,” he said. “I know it’s cliche to say you approach every team like you approach any other team. That’s B.S. You approach certain teams differently. We got to start approaching that game from the standpoint that they do. I feel like when we go into that game, you’re looking at two different preparation systems.”

Ohio State has won 14 of its last 15 games against Michigan.

“14-1, you tell me,” Edwards said. “14-1 in that game. We’re getting better at recruiting. We’re getting some better talent up there. Jim is bringing in the guys that can compete in that game. . . . I don’t know what it’s going to take, but something has to happen where a switch is flipped.”

And it needs to happen soon. As in, this season. Michigan hosts Ohio State on Nov. 30.

“It burns. I’m a Michigan guy. I bleed maize and blue,” Edwards said. “But if you’re watching, it’s just the next level when you watch an Ohio State game versus any other team in the Big Ten. You’re watching different football. They don’t stray away from what they do.”