Brandon Tierney Calls Out Knicks Fans

The CBS Sports Radio host loves the Knicks, but he didn't love how Knicks fans reacted to missing out on Zion Williamson

Tiki and Tierney
May 16, 2019 - 10:30 am

The New York Knicks hoped to win the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday, especially with Zion Williamson the top prize in this year’s class. The Knicks, however, finished third behind New Orleans and Memphis, meaning they will likely draft Ja Morant or R.J. Barrett.

Both are legit prospects, but Knicks fans, well, Knicks fans weren’t happy about missing out on Zion – to the point where many criticized the Knicks for…losing the lottery?

Brandon Tierney, a diehard Knicks fan, took issue with this.

“I‘m fine with the Knicks not getting No. 1,” he said. “Do you know what I’m not fine with? The dopes who call themselves Knicks fans who embarrassed themselves (Tuesday) night and continued to do that (Wednesday). I almost don’t want to say this, but Knick fans are clowns. Knick fans are pathetic.

“When you get on a franchise, you get on a team when you draft the wrong guy,” Tierney explained. “You get on a team when you hire the wrong head coach. You get on a team when you trade the wrong guy. You get on a team when you give max money – because you’re desperate – to a B-level player. You don’t get on a team for failing mathematical probability. You sound like a bunch of idiots, Knicks fans. It was embarrassing.”

Criticizing the Knicks for losing the lottery, Tierney added, is a “loser mentality.”

“Think like a winner,” he said. “Don’t wake up and think like a loser. Think like a winner.”

But it can be difficult to do that, Tiki Barber observed, when the franchise hasn’t won an NBA title in 46 years and has spent most of the last two decades in no man’s land.

On the flip side, the Warriors were an embarrassment before hitting on several draft picks. Steph Curry was drafted outside of the top five, Klay Thompson was drafted outside of the top 10, and Draymond Green was a second-rounder.

“The Warriors (were perennial losers) before they won and became a dynasty,” Tierney said. “There are myriad examples of teams that have been horrendous – like the Knicks – for decades that eventually get it right.”