Quinn: Harbaugh Needs New Offensive Approach

Jim Harbaugh needs to adapt, Brady Quinn says, and if he doesn't, he'll lose to Ohio State every year

Reiter Than You
November 27, 2018 - 9:25 am

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Jim Harbaugh fell to 0-4 against Ohio State this past Saturday – and did so in embarrassing fashion, losing to Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes 62-39. While some people believe Harbaugh has failed at Michigan – and should be fired as a result – Brady Quinn isn’t willing to go that far.

“I feel like they need to keep him,” Quinn said on Reiter Than You. “He’s a good coach. Everyone is going to make a lot of that game and how it worked out, and to me, I thought Ohio State had their best day of the entire year and Michigan maybe had close to their worst. That happens. Sometimes you go out there, you’re prepared, you’ve got everything the way you want it to be, you’ve had a great season – and you fall flat on your face. That happens.”

Ohio State and Michigan looked like two different teams Saturday. Ohio State had athletes all over the field, while Michigan was trying to ground-and-pound its way to a win. Shea Patterson and Dwayne Haskins both completed 20 passes – but Haskins had more than twice as many passing yards (396-187).

“I think the biggest thing for them is they’ve got to open some things up,” Quinn said of Michigan. “Shea Patterson is done now as far as eligibility at Michigan. Whether it’s Dylan McCaffrey or anyone coming in behind him, they’ve got to figure out how to open some things up.”

In other words, ditch all the fullback-and-double-tight-end sets.

“That style, it works for Stanford, and they’re competitive – but we haven’t seen them win a national championship,” Quinn said. “Nick Saban went to more of a spread style. Ohio State is doing it now. At some point, Michigan needs to come to the party and say, ‘We need to adapt to survive right now.’ Otherwise this is going to be the same result every single year going up against a team that has the caliber of athletes that Ohio State does.”