Poppinga: Josh Allen, Bills are Chiefs’ biggest threat in AFC

Josh Allen is “playing out of his mind,” Brady Poppinga says, and the Bills – not the Steelers – have the best chance of beating the Chiefs in the AFC

Reiter Than You
December 11, 2020 - 2:07 pm
Josh Allen Bills

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The Pittsburgh Steelers (11-1), despite losing in Week 13, are still the top seed in the AFC. But they are not the Kansas City Chiefs' biggest threat in the AFC.

That, Brady Poppinga says, would be a team out East.

“The biggest [threat to the Chiefs] right now are the Buffalo Bills, and that’s because they can defend, they can rush the passer, and Josh Allen is playing out of his mind,” Poppinga said on Reiter Than You. “He’s a guy that when he came out of college looked like he was going to be terrible. Couldn’t throw the ball accurately, didn’t demand much respect from his teammates, he didn’t win in college – all things that, when you’re checking the box off of a guy that you want to lead your franchise to a championship, not good. But he has completely defied the odds, he’s an anomaly, [and] they have a strong running game.”

Allen, the seventh overall pick in 2018, has evolved into a complete quarterback in his third NFL season. He has completed 69.9 percent of his passes for 3,403 yards, 26 touchdowns and eight interceptions in 12 games. He’s also rushed for 322 yards and six touchdowns.

“If things break down, that guy has movement ability to gain yardage on the ground, which he’s shown over and over and over again,” Poppinga said. “But he’s evolved his game to now where he’s moving just to buy his receivers time to get open and then he’ll deliver a catchable ball that guys can then run after the catch with and gain even more yards after the reception.”

The Bills (9-3) are vying for their first division title since 1995. If they achieve that goal, Allen will be the main reason why.

“The Bills, to me, are the best team in the AFC, the most complete team in the AFC – as long as Josh Allen continues to play the way he is – second to the Kansas City Chiefs,” Poppinga said. “The Chiefs are still the best, and they will be until somebody knocks them off their pedestal.”