Poppinga: Luck Comes Across As So Disingenuous

Former NFL LB Sounds Off On Luck's Timing Of Retirement

Reiter Than You
August 30, 2019 - 12:13 am
Andrew Luck Colts Retirement

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Andrew Luck retiring from the NFL is still a talking point after it stunned the football world last week. 

Former NFL linebacker Brady Poppinga has a bit of a different outlook on the Luck retirement saga. Poppinga joined CBS Sports Radio's 'Reiter Than You' to sound off on Luck and more of the timing of the decision. 

"To me, it's such bad timing and the worst part is he comes across as so disingenuous," Poppinga said. 

"You go back and read Peter King's article when he had talked to Andrew Luck a few times throughout the last six months, most recently beginning in August and he asked Andrew Luck 'you're going to be ready Week 1 right?' And he was so confident. He's like 'oh no doubt.' I don't remember what the exact phrase was or quote was. It was almost like there's no wavering. Even after last year, Andrew Luck said 'I haven't had this much fun playing football in I don't know how long.' You're getting those kind of vibes from him and then all of a sudden he says I'm miserable, I need to step away. What a punch in the gut to the team." 

It seems as if Luck surprised even the organization himself, who would have liked him obviously to stick around and wait until he got healthy. 

"Now word came out that the team, the head coach and Ballard the General Manager were begging him to why don't you just go on injured reserve? We can pull you back end of the season. No, got to step away, which shows you they were shocked. If you saw Frank Reich his interview with the media right after, he was out of there. He was ticked. He was ticked at the timing," Poppinga said. 

Luck chose just a few weeks before the regular season to make the decision, which puts the Colts in a bit of a tough spot at quarterback. Jacoby Brissett will be their starter, but they have slim pickings at the position behind him, and it's a little late to try and find any significant help. 

"You could respect the decision all you want, but the timing was horrendous," Poppinga said. "You're leaving your fan base, which they booed him yeah. They're going to be frustrating. I'm sorry. What do you want? You keep telling somebody something and you pull the rug from under out of them. 'Oh, shouldn't be made at me, ok? But I'm just going to walk away.' You can't do that to people. That's not fair. Andrew Luck has his emotions, he has his rights. But guess what? So do the fans and so does the team. Andrew Luck left them hanging out to dry. There's no way to sugarcoat it. What he did was disingenuous."

Poppinga offered an idea that would have been better.

"Make the same decision, but why don't you tell everyone what you're thinking as you're leading up to that decision so people can make adjustments. Because I guarantee you if he would have said something to the team, they still would have supported him and they would have probably brought in some reinforcements," the former LB said. "It probably would have got leaked. 'Hey, he's mulling over retiring, stepping away from the game.' And then if he would have came to the same decision at the same time, guess what would have happened to the fans? They would have cheered him."