Abraham: Red Sox Will Beat Astros In Six

The Astros are the defending champs, but Pete Abraham believes the Red Sox have the bats – and the arms – to beat them

October 12, 2018 - 9:35 am

USA Today Images


The Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros will square off in the ALCS, and something’s got to give. These were the two best teams in baseball (they won 108 and 103 games, respectively), Boston had the best home record in baseball (57-24), and Houston had the best road record in baseball (57-24).

It should be one heck of a series – and Pete Abraham likes Boston to win it.

“They have bullpen issues, but they can out-hit their bullpen issues – and that’s what they did against New York,” the Boston Globe Red Sox beat writer said on Ferrall on the Bench. “They were able to score enough runs that it didn’t really matter that maybe they weren’t as good in the bullpen as the Yankees, and I think they can do that against Houston.”

Games 1 and 2 are Saturday and Sunday and feature two great pitching matchups: Chris Sale versus Justin Verlander and David Price versus Gerrit Cole.

“Obviously they have Verlander, they have Cole, they have (Dallas) Keuchel – they have a very good team,” Abraham said of Houston. “But the Red Sox scored runs against them during the season. Alex Cora obviously knows Houston very well from being the bench coach last year. I think that’s a big advantage. I’m not saying he’s got some secret way to beat the Astros, but I think there’s things that he can tell guys within the context of the game, whether it’s to look out for a particular pitch or a particular sequence that’s going to help those hitters.”

For those reasons and more, Abraham believes the Red Sox will reach the World Series for the fourth time since 2004.

“I like the Red Sox in six,” he said. “I think Price will come through and win at least one game. Their bullpen is pretty well rested. And Sale – all of the time they spent all summer resting Sale and making sure he was okay, putting him on the DL a couple of times, I think that’s going to pay off. I think you’re going to see Chris Sale at peak Chris Sale in this series and be able to win two games and get them over the top.”