Finn: There’s A Good Chance MLB Season “Goes Off The Rails”

Chad Finn thought more MLB players would opt out of the 2020 season, but he still questions whether the season will be played in its entirety

The DA Show
July 15, 2020 - 10:31 am

Last week, Boston Globe columnist Chad Finn argued that David Price was right to opt out of the 2020 MLB season and that playing baseball during a pandemic simply wasn’t wise.

Nevertheless, baseball is moving full steam ahead with the 2020 season, which begins July 23.

“I actually thought when I wrote that piece that we were going to have more guys opt out,” Finn said on The DA Show. “David Price had just opted out of his deal with the Dodgers. There was talk Mike Trout might do it. Buster Posey ultimately did. But this was also at the time where we were hearing how ill Freddie Freeman is, and that had a huge impact on Nick Markakis’ decision to take the season off.”

Markakis, 36, was an All-Star in 2018 and has won three Gold Gloves. He is a career .288 hitter with 2,355 career hits.

“He’s an above average ballplayer and not somebody you think of as a regular star, but he’s going to be closer to 3,000 hits at the end of his career than people realize, and he’s a really respected figure around the game,” Finn said. “To see somebody like him join Price and then to see Posey follow that up stepping away, that seemed really impactful.”

Trout, though, would have been the lynchpin in a potential opt-out movement.

“To me, the tipping point would have been Trout,” Finn said of the three-time AL MVP. “He’s got a pregnant wife at home, he’s the best player of his generation and absolutely still right in the heart of his prime. If that had happened, that would have completely devalued the season when your best player isn’t even participating. I suppose that’s still a possibility, though it looks like he’s going to play. But between now and the time I wrote that, I was kind of bracing for more bad news than what we’ve received so far. So I’ve tempered on that a little bit, but I still think there’s a pretty good chance that this all goes off the rails.”