Bob Stoops: I Knew I Had The Right Guy With Lincoln Riley

Former Oklahoma HC Discusses Stepping Away

The DA Show
September 12, 2019 - 3:08 am
Bob Stoops

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Former Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops is off to the XFL to coach the Dallas Renegades. Stoops had a heck of a run with the Sooners, but it was time to go. 

"At the end of the day, this wasn't a possibility when I stepped away, there was no mention of an XFL. At the time, it was just right for me. I had run my course at Oklahoma. There was nothing whatsoever negative," Stoops told The DA Show on CBS Sports Radio Thursday. "It was all just my personal belief that it was time for me to step out.

Having someone he had confidence in to take over was one of the reasons why he felt comfortable saying goodbye. 

"I knew I had the right guy there with Lincoln Riley ready to take it over. It was just perfect," Stoops said. "I knew I had a mature, good football team that could handle it, that could handle the change. You never know what life is going to bring you and different opportunities come to you at different parts of your life. That chapter for me was complete and I didn't want to miss the right time to make the break."

Stoops has a new book out called 'No Excuses: The Making Of A Head Coach' that details his time at Oklahoma.