Zillgitt: Bob Myers' Raw Emotion "Genuine"

The Golden State executive was distraught after losing Kevin Durant to injury for the second time this postseason

Reiter Than You
June 11, 2019 - 9:09 pm
Bob Myers Warriors Kevin Durant

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Kevin Durant returned to the NBA playoffs on Monday. Unfortunately, his appearance was short-lived. Durant, who scored 11 points in 12 minutes, exited Game 5 of the NBA Finals in the second quarter – and may have suffered a torn Achilles.

Afterward, Warriors executive Bob Myers was distraught.

“He took it personally, and he felt it personally,” USA Today NBA writer Jeff Zillgitt said on Reiter Than You. “You saw that raw emotion. You heard how choked up he was in his voice. He was fighting back tears as best he could.”

That wasn’t an act. That was real.

“Coming from the agent world, he’s a very high-character guy,” Zillgitt said of Myers. “I put that together by talking to Steve Kerr. Steve Kerr is a high-character guy by everything we know and see. Bob and Steve are very close friends. They’re going to have a friendship long after either one of them have to leave the Warriors. Everything I saw was just genuine and trying to describe the hurt that he feels for Kevin, that he feels for the team.”

Myers offered to take blame for Durant’s injury – KD’s second of the postseason – but perhaps he’s being too hard on himself.

“He was cleared to play,” Zillgitt said of Durant. “They have this down to a science. I don’t believe – given that they held him out as long as they did – that this was a case of trying to get him back on the court sooner than possible. They were cautious with Klay Thompson. They were cautious with DeMarcus Cousins. I just don’t see this as an instance where they were rushing him back and he wasn’t able to play. . . . Maybe it’s just one of those freak things that happens, (but) people are not going to be happy about how it went down.”

The Warriors held off Toronto, 106-105, to win Game 5. Game 6 is Thursday at 9 p.m. ET, while Game 7, if necessary, is Sunday in Toronto at 8 p.m. ET.

“I’m still going to favor Toronto,” Zillgitt said. “I don’t think it’s the same Raptors team we’ve seen in the past. I think that’s made pretty clear by what they’ve done in the postseason so far. They have taken on the persona of Kawhi. It’s all business. . . . Maybe (the Warriors force Game 7), but they don’t have as good of a chance to win without KD in the lineup.”