Glauber: Home Field Will Decide Saints-Rams In Playoffs

The Rams and Saints are on a collision course in the NFC

The DA Show
November 20, 2018 - 12:10 pm

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The Rams (10-1) and Chiefs (9-2) authored perhaps the most thrilling game of the season Monday night, with L.A. winning 54-51 in a matchup of two of the league’s top scoring offenses.

While the game was exciting – it was the third-highest-scoring game in NFL history – did the lack of defense take away from the spectacle? At least a little?

“I try not to be the guy who is, ‘Hey, get off my lawn, kids,’” Newsday NFL columnist Bob Glauber said on The DA Show. “I love the NFL – and I’ve loved it for a long time. I did miss a little defense. There were a few keys defensive players, but it’s video-game football. You just appreciate that for what it is, and you see more of that in the NFL today. All the rules are geared toward helping the offenses.”

The Rams and Chiefs combined for 1,001 total yards and 56 first downs.

“Listen, offenses are legitimately better in today’s day,” Glauber said. “Coaching is great, and it’s awesome. It was a fun game to watch. I don’t know that I’d like to see that all the time – and you obviously don’t, especially in playoff-type situations.”

To be fair, the defenses forced a combined seven turnovers, including a pick-six and a pair of fumble recoveries for touchdowns.

But which defense looks more vulnerable come playoff time?

“I would say the Chiefs are a little bit more vulnerable,” Glauber said. “I think the Rams are probably a little bit more reliable in this respect: their personnel is very, very solid. The addition of Dante Fowler helped. Marcus Peters made a lot of big plays last night. The key, to me, is if Aqib Talib can come back from the ankle problem in the next couple of weeks. He is so reliable as a shutdown corner, it changes Wade Phillips’ defense. The addition of Talib in time for the playoffs makes the Rams’ defense just a little bit better than the Chiefs.”

While the Chiefs will likely have their hands full with the Steelers (7-2) or Patriots (7-3) come playoff time, the Rams may have to beat the only team that’s beaten them this season: the Saints (9-1), who have won a league-leading nine straight games.

Who wold win a potential Rams/Saints rematch?

“Tell me where it is, and I’ll tell you who will win,” Glauber said. “I really think if it’s in L.A., the Rams would win, and if it’s in New Orleans, I give the Saints the edge. Home-field advantage is much less of a factor in today’s NFL than it used to be, but I think in this case, it would absolutely be a factor. . . . I think it would be – I don’t don’t want to say a lay-up if they played the Rams in New Orleans, but I think they’d beat them. And I think the Rams would get the advantage if that game is in L.A. You slow down the Saints a little bit on that grass track and you get a little more advantage. And if you have Talib back in the lineup, I think that’s a big, big difference there.”

Glauber also discussed his new book, “Guts and Genius: The Story of Three Unlikely Coaches Who Came to Dominate the NFL in the ‘80s,” which delves into the lives and careers of Bill Walsh, Joe Gibbs, and Bill Parcells. Click the above video for more information.