Bills Analyst: "Everything Changed On Thanksgiving"

The Bills are one win away from their best season since 1999, and fans are starting to believe

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
December 06, 2019 - 6:58 am
Josh Allen Bills

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Despite seeing their team start the season 8-3, Bills fans weren’t quite ready to buy in – and understandably so. Those eight wins had come against the Jets, Giants, Bengals, Titans, Dolphins (twice), Redskins and Broncos. In other words, a lot of divisional doormats (or close to it).

But then the Bills beat the Cowboys 26-15 in Dallas last Thursday.

“Everything for the Bills fans changed on Thanksgiving,” WGR Buffalo host Jeremy White said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “This was such a big spot, such a big game. The Bills all year long had beaten up on pretty bad teams, cupcakes – whatever – and Bills fans heard those criticisms and didn’t necessarily disagree. You play who’s on your schedule. But Dallas was a different animal because it was a big stage, the big team, the Cowboys, everybody pays attention to them – and not only did the Bills win it, but they won it pretty convincingly.”

That was a welcome change of pace for Bills fans.

“Early on in the season, convincing wins weren’t coming too often,” White said. “So a convincing win in that spot, Josh Allen looked the part – I think things changed a lot on that Thanksgiving game. I think if they find a way to beat Baltimore, it will be a huge jumping off point to how far can this team go?”

The Bills (9-3) trail the Patriots (10-2) by just one game in the AFC East. They control their own destiny in the division and are just one win away from their best season since 1999.

Buffalo, which hosts the Ravens (10-2) this weekend, was also flexed into a Sunday Night Football game against the Steelers in Week 15.

“This is totally different,” White said of the expectations surrounding the team. “To be flexed into Sunday Night Football, the Bills haven’t been on Sunday Night Football since the Patriots’ undefeated season when the were flexed in to play the Patriots. So people paying attention to the Bills, that’s totally new. Getting flexed into a game and having it be because the Bills are good and maybe a bit of a draw, that’s new, too. So the next level of getting attention is nice. Now it’s just about staying there and seeing if this team can actually knock off the Steelers on Sunday Night Football next week or the Patriots in a Saturday football game the following week. There’s a lot of belief, but we know it’s not quite at the tier they need to get to yet.”