Ripken On Astros: Baseball Will Be Better Off Because Of This

The Astros' sign-stealing scandal has hurt baseball, but the game will be better off in the long run because of it, Bill Ripken says

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
February 26, 2020 - 8:58 am
Alex Bregman Astros

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With members of the Houston Astros reportedly receiving death threats over their sign-stealing scheme, one must wonder how long the Astros’ cheating will be a point of contention for baseball fans.

“It is quite the mess, and it doesn’t necessarily have baseball looking its best,” MLB Network analyst Billy Ripken said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “But I do believe once this passes – and it will because everything usually does – once we get through the the Red Sox investigation as well, I do think baseball is going to be better off for it. I think this is going to allow both sides – the players association, the commissioner’s office – to put some rules in place where, if something like this happens again, some of these penalties are going to be even steeper than what [the league handed] out.”

Ripken, the author of “State of Play: The Old School Guide to New School Baseball,” has been surprised by just how many players have called out the Astros.

“I think they’re probably all just better served just to get ready for spring training and go out and play,” Ripken said. “Look, I get why people are upset. I really do. But I don’t know if that’s the best thing moving forward for players to continue to talk about this when you can just say, ‘Look, that’s done with. It’s over.’ It’s fair to say that the 2017 Astros’ world championship is tarnished. It’s fair to say that some of the individual players’ reputation has been tarnished, and they’re going to have to deal with this in their own way. So for me, I think it’d be best just for all the players to just kind of go out there and get ready for spring training and get ready for the season.”