Bill Reiter: Shame On LeBron James

Reiter ripped James for his comments about Daryl Morey, China

Reiter Than You
October 15, 2019 - 8:35 pm
LeBron James Lakers

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On Tuesday, CBS Sports Radio’s Bill Reiter took LeBron James to task for his controversial comments regarding Daryl Morey’s tweet about China.

“What he’s done here,” Reiter said of James, “is a disappointment and a betrayal of his claim, and his call to action, to talk about more than sports. We’re the United States of America. We’re supposed to support freedom.”

After Morey tweeted support for protestors in Hong Kong, James called Morey “misinformed.”

“I understand the complication that China is a massively important economic market for everybody,” Reiter said. “What it means to be American, to be free, to dictate what we believe is the right thing as it relates to freedom of expression, to support people around the world who are oppressed – would I trade that for money? My God, I hope the answer is no. LeBron’s hypocrisy here is ten-fold because he’s the one who invited himself in the political arena and he’s the one who understood and said he wasn’t just going to be a basketball player – and I respect that.”

Well, Reiter now has less respect for James.

“Let’s not pretend at its core that this Chinese controversy is about anything other than this: There are people who want to be free, the Chinese government is an oppressive dictatorship based on a communist philosophy that imprisons and kills Muslims in camps, that imprisons and kills Christians in camps, and that is attempting to export its view, its ability, to muzzle critics through its economic might,” Reiter said. “While I think silence is cowardice in the face of that, it is your right to support it, as LeBron did there. To shout down the people like Daryl Morey who had the guts to do the right thing, that is even worse than cowardice. That is siding with the wrong side in this story. You want to stay out of the fight? Stay out of the fight. You want to get involved in the fight? We’re a country that should defend freedoms in all forms. I stand with Hong Kong.”

While Reiter understands and respects that his show – Reiter Than You – is about sports, not politics, he could not remain silent regarding James’ remarks.

“It is the height of hypocrisy,” Reiter said. “I like LeBron, I’ve covered LeBron, I wouldn’t have this job if I didn’t cover LeBron – I know all that. I have never been more disappointed in an athlete that I have covered and in a person who should know better than LeBron James. Shame on him. Quite literally, shame on him.”