Up The Gut Week 16: Patriots' History Of Cheating No Longer A Debate

This is as red-handed as the Patriots have ever been caught, Shaun Morash says, but it will be difficult to prove Bill Belichick's involvement

The DA Show
December 18, 2019 - 9:54 am

By Shaun Morash

Cold Open
The Patriots’ history of cheating can no longer be debated following the leaked video to Jay Glazer that we all witnessed Sunday. In it, a very panicked videographer begs for forgiveness, essentially, in requesting he be allowed to delete the video. Point blank, Bengals security points out the advanced scout they were supposedly there to film was nowhere in the video. Much like "Spy-Gate," or “Deflate-Gate," there will be Patriots fans that twist this in a way to make it seem like nothing is up, when in fact this is as red-handed as the Patriots have ever been caught.
Basically, this "Do Your Job" series comes across looking like a laundromat owned by a drug dealer for the purpose of cleaning their money. An elaborate scheme that on the surface may supply digital content to viewers, but behind it all is just putting videos in a library for later use by Bill Belichick to get an edge. Much like a mafia movie, it will be nearly impossible to prove Belichick's involvement, while any unbiased mind will be able to realize he has to know, because everything in New England goes through Bill. The video is worthy enough of serious Patriots penalties already, without an investigation. However, with Belichick—the face of the NFL 100 series televised on the league's own network each Friday—expect the NFL to do more of the same old-same old and wait to drop any kind of penalty when nobody will care or be paying attention on an early summer Friday.

Ten Yard Gain

1-Congrats to Drew Brees on passing Peyton Manning for all-time touchdown passes. Drew Brees has played in an era with Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers, yet never gets uttered in the breath of best quarterback of all time despite arguably outshining all of them statistically. It is likely due to the fact he played almost his whole career indoors or in perfect weather, but a second Super Bowl this year for Brees may change that mindset forever. 

2-Letting Eli Manning play in Week 17 at home would be malpractice by Pat Shurmur if Daniel Jones is still hurt. Somehow in another sputtering season of disaster in New York, the Giants got lucky with a Jones injury, a layup opponent, a perfect segue to leave to a standing ovation. Now, if Jones cannot play at home in Week 17, bringing Eli back would totally water down a great moment. 

3-The Packers keep winning ugly, but they keep winning. The Saints and 49ers on paper feel more dangerous—and so do the the Seahawks—but with Aaron Rodgers, anything is possible for Green Bay. They now approach their biggest game of the year, and not only a division title but a BYE should be needed, not just wanted, if they have Super Bowl dreams.

4-How could the Raiders allow Gardner Minshew to come down the field and beat them for the final game in Oakland? A magical afternoon turned into a nightmare when Derek Carr and the Raiders offense failed to score in the second half and Minshew dug up one last magic trick leaving everyone in costume to go home unhappy and look at Vegas flight prices.

5-Don't fall into the trap of thinking Jason Garrett is still a good coach for the Cowboys despite their thumping of the Rams. Garrett once again when the going got tough had his team rally for a big effort in the regular season. The letdown of a postseason loss, if not a regular season one in Philly, still awaits. 

6-Jersey swapping has reached new, pathetic lows following the parade of Jets that waited in line to get Lamar Jackson's autograph. How in this new world we live in of exchanging jerseys is it not decided before the game who is getting to exchange with a certain player. The Jets waiting in line like they were kids at Disney World waiting to meet Mickey after just being embarrassed by Jackson is a low look for not only the Jets but the NFL's pride of competition. 

7-Janoris Jenkins being rewarded by being claimed by the Saints following his use of the "R" word and half-assed apology feels wrong. "Jack Rabbit" is headed to New Orleans on a Saints team on a mission. Should New Orleans win a ring, this is something players on bad teams can always point to. Say something stupid, force being released, end up in a great situation.

8-Things are so bad in Cleveland, the Browns players don't even know how "Come Get Me," works. This week, multiple Browns players, reportedly, shouted this at Cardinals players. A couple of problems: why would they want another bad team to come get them? Also, does Jarvis Landry and company not understand it is a general manager that has to get them, not Kenyan Drake and Kyler Murray.

9-The Colts need to be players in trading up to get a franchise quarterback such as Justin Herbert in the draft. Jacoby Brissett was a nice story, and truth be told, the perfect backup quarterback. He will never sink you ship if you need to buy a couple weeks with your starter hurt, but as a full-time starter in a division that could have been theirs, he has totally wilted in the second half of the year. 

10- Dan Quinn unexpectedly having the Falcons beat yet another playoff contender is a further indictment he needs to go as Falcons head coach. How can that team rise to the occasion after a long flight and outplay the 49ers yet still draft in the Top 10 with all of that talent? If I were a Falcons fan, I would be furious. 

Five Games To Chew On

5 Saints @ Titans: The Titans do not control their own destiny for a Wild Card spot and need a Steelers loss over the last two weeks to do so. The odds are stacked against them, but they do at least get the Saints on a short week. It would be a shame to suffer back-to-back losses and have a season slip after being rescued by Tannehill.

4 Rams @ 49ers: A Saturday night game that has lost some luster with the Rams’ loss to the Cowboys, yet they are still alive if the Vikings find a way to lose out. The 49ers need a big rebound win with the Seahawks looming for a potential 1-seed and division title on the line in Week 17. Can Todd Gurley have one more big moment to spoil San Francisco's fun?

3 Bills @ Patriots:  Another Saturday “drool-worthy" game late afternoon. The Bills could use a statement win in Foxboro ahead of the postseason, and would give them a chance at winning the division. This is also a game for Tom Brady to try and prove to the world he isn't about to fall off a cliff and put up some points on a truly great defense. 

2 Packers @ Vikings: One last Monday Night game for Santa to sip his egg nog and watch before his busiest night of the year. Shockingly, the Vikings didn't collapse in November and December. As a result, they need just one win to punch their ticket to the playoffs. Winning this week won't be easy as the Packers prove to be winning in any style they need. Can the Vikings surprise and steal the NFC North over the last two weeks? Monday Night will have a lot to say about that.

1 Cowboys @ Eagles:  The winner of this game basically gets a home playoff game and can crown themselves the winner of the worst division in football, even though the Eagles would still need a win in Week 17. The Eagles are struggling even in wins the past couple of weeks, but is a date with this Dallas disaster just what they need to wake up the ghosts of two years ago and make a run?

My Picks

After going 1-2, my record is continuing to spiral downward. I am 23-21-1 on the year. For this week:

Jets +3 vs Steelers: Plain and simple, this is my upset of the week. Le'Veon Bell has to be licking his chops that he gets a chance to spoil some Steelers playoff hopes. The Steelers offense is not high-flying with the duck, and as dominant as the Steelers defense is, I think Sam Darnold off an extended time off following their Thursday Night game finds a way to make enough plays on a cold afternoon. Bell goes over 100, which isn't common this year, and Mike Tomlin flies home furious.

Seahawks -9.5 vs Cardinals: The Seahawks may know they have a shot to make Week 17 meaningless should the Rams win Saturday night, and even if they don’t, they know they need this game at home. This will be Kyler Murray's first taste of the noise inside the Seahawks building and how he responds to it is very much up for question. The Cardinals defense can be exposed a bit here and I think Seattle will run away and hide by the 4th quarter.

Eagles +1 vs Cowboys: The betting public is back on the Cowboys bandwagon after their whooping of the Rams. Now they go to Philadelphia for a division title fight. The Eagles as underdogs are what jumps out at me here, especially at home. Carson Wentz gets a chance to play savior, something Nick Foles did for the Eagles in each of the last  two years. The clapper melts down, Pederson laughs, and Eagles fans climb light poles on Broad Street to celebrate Sunday Night. 

Football Food of The Week

Pulled Chicken Sliders.  It's cold, and nothing says comfort like breaking out my Crock Pot. Get some chicken breast, a BBQ sauce of your choosing, paprika, black pepper, a touch of salt and throw it all in the Crock Pot on low for a good 8-10 hours. At around 8 hours I would pull the chicken out and start slicing it as it should be breaking apart easier, then let the shredded/sliced pieces cook for another two hours in the sauce. Purchase some Kings Hawaiian slider rolls, and some cole slaw. A dab of slap on top of the pulled chicken on each slider will have your mouth dancing all the way to a plate of Santa's cookies by the time the Chiefs and Bears take the field.

Thanks for reading at always. Get your shopping done and have a great weekend. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @MrazCBS.