Bears Reporter Discusses Their Sloppy Offense, Rough Loss

Mark Grote Talks Bears Struggles In Week 1 Loss

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
September 06, 2019 - 2:58 am
Mitchell Trusbisky

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The Packers defeated the Bears 10-3 in the NFL season opener in their 100th year anniversary. Both teams can onyl go up from here offensively, especially the Bears. They could not get anything going on the offside side of the football all night. Mitchell Trubisky looked rusty and the offense has a lot of work to do. 

"Just a very bad night for the Bears offense," 670 The Score Bears sideline reporter Mark Grote said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio early Friday morning. "

There's really no other way to put it and that was certainly the exclamation point to a bad night for the Bears offense. They just looked sloppy in a lot of different ways, just basic ways that practice takes care of." 

The pundits will point to the lack of playing time for Trubisky and the offense in preseason, but not much changed this year versus last year. 

"Matt Nagy pretty much handled the preseason last year the same way as he did this season. Maybe there were a few less snaps for Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears first-string offense this year. It worked for them last year for whatever that was worth in terms of health, in terms of execution," Grote said. "The Bears offense actually looked pretty crisp when they came out at Lambeau Field last year when they marched right down the field for a touchdown. This is definitely a point in favor of the people who think that the first stringers should see more time. They did look sloppy with the basics, with the mechanics with getting in and out of the huddle, getting set right. There was one drive where they had two delay of games. There was another drive where they had a 2nd & 40 and a 3rd & 40. Matt Nagy said in a frustrated way but in a funny way, he doesn't have a 2nd & 40 play in his big playbook and we know how big and fancy his playbook can be. They just looked sloppy in a lot of different ways, in basic ways that practice takes care of." 

Coach Nagy had no issue with the fans booing what was a putrid offense all night long. 

"The fans are entitled to boo that kind of performance. We didn't put on a show for them. He's basically like bring it on. We deserved to have been booed on this night. He said it was inexcusable," said Grote. 

There was one positive to take besides the defense playing well, though. New kicker Eddy Pinerio made a field goal. There were no shanks and it seems like the Bears, at least for now, have solved their kicking problem. 

"It was a cheer of relief and it was definitely a bigger cheer than you would ever hear for a 38 yard field goal in the first half of the first game of the 16-game season," Grote said. "Patriots were relieved Eddy Pineiro was absolutely relieved. The problem though Amy was right after that on the kickoff, he totally shanked the kickoff. While the fans are just putting down the cheers, it's like oh that was a horrible kick. So it was like he wasn't able to follow it up. Lucky for Eddy Pineiro, the story will finally not be him nor will it be about anything kicking. It will be 100% about the offense this week in Lake Forest where the Bears train and let me tell you that is a rarity for those of us that have covered this team since OTAs." 

The Bears will travel to Denver for Week 2 to take on the Broncos.