Cohen: We Haven't Been Focusing On Kicker Situation

The Bears' search for a kicker continues, but the players – and most of the coaches – apparently aren't too worried about it

The DA Show
June 19, 2019 - 12:37 pm

Last year, the Chicago Bears went 12-4, finished with their most wins since 2006 and won the NFC North for the first time since 2010. Nevertheless, their season ended with a 16-15 Wild Card loss to the Eagles, as Cody Parkey double-doinked a 42-yarder and sent the Bears into an early offseason.

Chicago showed Parkey the door, and Matt Nagy brought in eight kickers in May to try out for the team.

According to Bears running back Tarik Cohen, however, the media is making more of this situation than the team is.

“We haven’t been focusing on it,” Cohen said on The DA Show. “We’ve been carrying out OTAs normally how we do. Offensive and defensive guys, special teams, they’re doing the normal things they would do. I feel like there’s more attention on it now because that’s the way our season ended.”

Apparently the coaches aren’t even that worried about it.

“I really don’t even think the coaches are that much focused on it,” said Cohen, who had 1,169 total yards and eight touchdowns (three rushing, five receiving) last season. “It’s probably just Coach Nagy and then our special teams coach who’s that much focused on it. Everybody else has other things to tend to.”

Earlier this month, the Bears made their kickers kick in silence – “Augusta Silence” – while surrounded by teammates.

“At first, you could talk, and I think I was yelling too loud,” Cohen said. “So they told us we had to be quiet.”

Unfortunately for the Bears, their three kickers went 0-for-3 from 42 yards last week, with each missing an attempt.

“That happened,” Cohen acknowledged. “It happened. They were making kicks the other day. Everybody messes up every now and then.”

**The answer to the trivia question is three.