Up The Gut Week 13: Barring Super Bowl Run, Garrett Is Gone

Jason Garrett will land another head-coaching gig, Shaun Morash says, but he probably shouldn't

The DA Show
November 26, 2019 - 10:00 am

By Shaun Morash

Cold Open

Jerry Jones has told us Jason Garrett will not be back. The Patriots game was the death knell. The only thing that can save Jason now is a trip to the Super Bowl, and who can see that happening? Again and again, it should not be forgotten that the biggest topic in the NFL for most of August was Zeke's holdout, Dak showing up to camp, and the question of how on earth the Cowboys could afford to pay so much talent. Yet all of that talent and the Cowboys define mediocre at 6-5, coming up short in every single big game they have played.
Once again the story leaving a Cowboys game was deflection. It was the refs’ fault because of the tripping calls (although they were terrible,) ignoring the fact with a chance to tie and six minutes left Jason Garrett electing to kick a field goal to go down four points. The lack of aggression is paramount, the undisciplined penalties continue, and the lack of any sign of any frustration other than the now-mockery that has become his clapping has become exhausting. 

Garrett will get a job again as a head coach, and maybe he will be successful outside of the pressure-cooker situation that is being Jerry Jones' puppet. However, his failure to get over the hump with some loaded rosters for the last decade should send alarm bells to any team thinking of hiring him. As bad as he is, and as much as change is needed, the next chapter for the Dallas Cowboys as a ready-to-win team may not be easy finding the right guy. If it is Kellen Moore and Kris Richard, they should learn from Garrett's mistakes, but under the suffocating eye of Jerry Jones, it won't be easy.

Ten Yard Gain

1-Saints fans need to get over themselves with the heckling of officials. They were robbed in the NFC Championship Game, understood. However, they aren't the first team or the last team to be robbed of a bad call in a playoff game. They still had a chance to win the game in overtime. Now as we approach Thanksgiving, they still have a problem with a challenge instituted because of them, going against them, and thus yelling at the refs in chants. If you were an official, would you slant the Saints’ way on 50/50 calls the way the fans continue to act? Of course not, it is human nature. 

2-I Guess that steak dinner courtesy of Von Miller didn't wake up the Broncos. Denver had a total no-show up in Buffalo a week after blowing a 20-point halftime lead against the Vikings. Miller tried his best to be a real team leader and nobody will ever be able to take back his Super Bowl ring, but John Elway's four-year refusal to acknowledge a rebuild has blown Von Miller's prime. 

3-There is only one person in America who should be upset with Dwayne Haskins for missing the final snap of his first win, and this is Case Keenum. Was it immature of Haskins to party it up with fans? Sure. It was also really cool of him to celebrate with fans who came out and sat outside in cold weather to watch his terrible team. Had he ran into the tunnel, I would be with the angst against Haskins, but anything to give back to fans and make their day, I am all for. Keenum, however, should be heated at Haskins as he put him in an embarrassing position. 

4-Fans do a lot of dumb things that seem funny to them in the moment at tailgates. However, the Browns fans ramming helmets into a Mason Rudolph pinata has surpassed table-breaking at Bills games for peak ridiculousness. Myles Garrett's antics, which could have resulted in a serious injury and then could have resulted in an unnecessary racial fight after his allegations in an attempt to save himself, were dangerous all around. So naturally, the immature Browns fans act like 12-year-olds who don't get it in the Muni-Lot.

5-Can I admit I was wrong about the Jaguars need to go back to Nick Foles? Foles looks lost in the Jaguars offense since returning from injury. The Jaguars are 4-4 with Gardner Minshew starting and 0-3 with Foles starting. I wasn't a Minshew believer, but the truth is the Jaguars had a shot in the arm with him. Foles was made for Doug Pederson's system and what the Jaguars do in 2020 at quarterback will be fascinated. 

6-What if Ryan Tannehill becomes Kerry Collins? Kerry Collins was a high draft pick that had some success for the Panthers, but because of his undoing (unlike Tannehill's injuries,) his promising career sputtered until landing with the NY Giants. He became one of the best Giants quarterbacks of all time, even leading them to a Super Bowl appearance nobody saw coming in a wild five-year run to revive his career. At 4-1, Ryan Tannehill is having that look of a revived career. Maybe the Titans have struck gold at a position so hard for some of these teams to figure out. 

7-The Raiders crash down may be here suddenly. I wrote just last week that them winning the AFC West would be the ideal thing to root for the rest of the year. Call me a mush after their blowout loss to the Jets. Derek Carr was benched and Jon Gruden is left scratching his head. Next up? The Chiefs, and a blowout there and this entire momentum and good story that had been written will be torn to pieces. 

8-Hey, parents, you want your kids to have a shot at playing professional sports? Teach them how to kick a football. How many bad kickers must we watch in every single game in 2019? It is as if every kick is a 50/50 shot no matter the distance. It feels like more than just a game like we saw last year in Chicago in the playoffs will be determined by who has the more reliable kicker this January. 

9-How could the NFL not look at the Deshaun Watson fumble under two minutes last Thursday Night? Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, and Mike Pereira felt like they had dinner plans to get to with their lack of urgency on what we had just witnessed. The ball was out, and it felt as if it was a better than 50-50 chance that we had a clear shot of recovery by the Colts. The game was not stopped for review for a reason we still have not gotten. That replay may determine the AFC South and nobody outside of Indianapolis seems to care. 

10-At what point do we acknowledge Carson Wentz may never be a really good franchise quarterback? Wentz now has the same amount of TD passes as NFC East counterpart Daniel Jones who did not even start the first two games. The Eagles offense, even with injuries, should be better than this. It is a slow-moving puke fest system. Wentz is the chosen franchise guy, but we are going on two years post ACL since he has looked like an MVP. Is he fool's gold? 

Five Games To Chew On

5 Titans @ Colts: The hills are alive with the sound of Tannehill in Nashville. The Titans are very much in the mix in both the Wild Card and division race in the AFC South. They have a chance to send the Colts into a deep soul search in December. The Colts have an extended break and need Jacoby Brissett to find rhythm again with T.Y. Hilton to get their groove back. A Marlon Mack injury can really hinder this offense.

4 Raiders @ Chiefs: The Raiders better be ready for this moment since the only excuse for their loss at the Jets was that they were looking ahead. Patrick Mahomes comes out of the bye with an extra week to rest his knee and ankle. Kansas City can make the AFC a true three-horse race with a hot December, a stumble here and the division becomes a dog fight again. 

3 Patriots @ Texans: The Patriots travel to Houston with their offense still sputtering but their defense as elite as ever. Tom Brady now looks like Trent Dilfer with the 2000 Ravens and that is okay. The last time the Texans stepped up in weight class, the Ravens embarrassed them in every facet. Deshaun Watson has been mesmerizing in spurts but not as consistent as you would think based on numbers. Can he figure out this New England defense? 

2 Vikings @ Seahawks: Another big Monday Night football game on the schedule, ESPN has gotten lucky in that department this season. Kirk Cousins, Primetime, facing a winning team, we have been here with him, He succeeded vs Dallas a couple of weeks ago, can he deal with this crowd noise and out duel Russell Wilson? The Seahawks will need to get after Cousins with pressure, something they have struggled with outside of some Clowney flashes this year. The winner may get the higher wild card in the NFC.

1 49ers @ Ravens: The real shame of this is that this game is buried in the early window Sunday among regional coverage. Greg Roman gets his revenge as offensive coordinator versus his former team. The 49ers front seven versus the magic of Lamar Jackson is drool-worthy television. This has the chance to be a Super Bowl preview, without another black out. 

My Picks (**These are spreads taken from Monday evening as opposed to Friday Morning due to the Thanksgiving holiday**)

A 2-1 week gets me to 21-15 on the season. For this week:

Packers -7.5 @ Giants: I expect this spread to skyrocket up by the time the week goes on, and honestly, if it were 14, I'd lay the points. Nate Solder cannot block me, how will he handle the Packers’ Smiths? Plus an angry Aaron Rodgers coming off of a loss gets to feast on a Giants secondary playing three or, at times, four rookies. This is blowout city. 

Jets -3.5 @ Bengals: The Jets have found a little something here on this three-game win streak. Andy Dalton returns under center for the Bengals, but does it really matter? The Bengals are mailing it in more than your grandmother in Florida with your holiday gift this December. The Jets continue to make their season interesting as a game that could lead to an improbable playoff berth. The Ravens awaits them in two weeks. 

Panthers -10 @ Redskins:  Dwayne Haskins got his win, but who knows if the team will rally around him after forcing Case Keenum to take his kneel down. Washington will not be able to stop Christian McCaffrey, who gets a chance to run wild. A big number that may feel uneasy getting to in the third quarter, but ultimately the rout will be on. 

Football Food of The Week

Thanksgiving Leftover Grilled Cheese. Moose and the boys over at @up_the_gut put in the work for Brunswick Stew, so he gets a nice fat moment this weekend. It is no secret what we will have leftovers across houses this week, so make it work for you. Get rye bread and mozzarella cheese. Put a slice of mozz on each piece of bread. In between, line turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes (you can try cranberry sauce too here, though I am not the biggest fan personally) and put the other slice of mozz and bread on top. Takes some butter and throw it in a frying pan and then once warmed on the pan grill up your sandwich on each side for 2-3 minutes and serve. Add mayo, or gravy if you please, but don't ever let leftovers go to waste this weekend. 

Thanks for reading as always. Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @MrazCBS.