Sallee: Urban Will Be Gone By End Of Weekend

Barrett Sallee believes that Urban Meyer's days – and hours – at Ohio State are numbered

The DA Show
August 03, 2018 - 11:22 am

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Ohio State placed Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave Wednesday. The next step is termination, Barrett Sallee says, and look for that to happen sooner rather than later.

“I think he’s gone by the end of the weekend,” the CBS Sports college football insider said on The DA Show. “Maybe today, but by the end of the weekend for sure.”

Sallee was not surprised that Meyer was put on leave.

“Oh, absolutely I thought they would (put him on leave),” Sallee said. “I wasn’t surprised at all based on the specific allegations, the provable evidence against Zach Smith and provable evidence that Urban Meyer does – and should have – known not just a little bit about it, but everything about it. I think a lot of people were expecting him to be fired that night. That’s not how this works at all. Paid administrative leave is code for working out the terms of a divorce. They’re working out the details behind the scenes, but I think eventually – maybe as soon as today – he’ll be gone. I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

“This was known to everybody within that program,” Sallee continued, referring to Smith’s alleged abuse. “They can’t have him on because he enabled not only domestic violence, but I would go so far as to say a serial abuser – to not only work within the program, but work within a program fro a decade with Urban Meyer across two stops. If you enable that – and I don’t care if it’s this day and age or another day and age – if you enable that, you can’t be employed. For a lot of different reasons, you can’t be employed.”

Sallee believes that Meyer lacks credibility in part because of his track record at Florida.

“I live in SEC country, and the number of arrests that Florida had under Urban Meyer was basically a running joke for four or five years,” Sallee said. “That was the lack of discipline that he had within his program. . . . But immediately when it broke and you read the story and you see the pictures and you sort of factor in all of the other things that have gone on – I can’t see how anybody would survive it. Immediately I figured it was going to happen. It was just a matter of when, not if.”

Sallee doesn’t buy into the “Meyer was protecting the grandson of Earl Bruce” narrative, either.

“It is surprising to me that people try to justify it because of Earl Bruce’s grandson,” Sallee said. “To me, it’s just Urban Meyer showing his true colors and what he’s all about – and what he’s all about is winning above all else.”

Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Ryan Day has been named Ohio State interim head coach. Sallee expects Day to coach the Buckeyes in 2018, with Ohio State looking to net a bigger name next offseason.

DA wondered if Bob Stoops is a possibility.

“Bob Stoops is not going to be the Ohio State head coach at any point,” Sallee said. “He’s very (content) in retirement. But they certainly would try to get more bang for their buck and make an impact on a grand scale. I don’t necessarily know if they need to do that, but they’ll certainly try as much as they possibly can.”

The Buckeyes survived Jim Tressel’s firing, but this time around is a little different.

“There’s no Urban Meyer waiting in the wings,” Sallee said. “There’s not that guy this year. So I think that will be fascinating in terms of what they do and who they go after. I certainly think they’ll give a call to Bob Stoops, but I think it will be fascinating to find out exactly who's interested in this job and who Ohio State targets. There’s not really many high-profile guys at great institutions right now that I think really want to leave. Ohio State can offer a ton of money to a lot of different people, but you can get that kind of money all over the place. It goes back to a point I say every offseason: the difference between a top-five job and a top-50 job in college football right now is pretty minimal. It used to be huge, but it’s not that way anymore.”