Mayfield Gave Browns "A Shot In The Arm"

For the first time in 635 days, the Cleveland Browns won a game

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
September 21, 2018 - 9:00 am

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It happened. After 635 days of futility, the Cleveland Browns won a game, beating the New York Jets 21-17 on Thursday Night Football.

And Baker Mayfield was responsible for it.

Mayfield made his NFL debut late in the first half after an injury to Tyrod Taylor. The Browns trailed 14-0, but the No. 1 overall pick quickly led them down the field for a field goal just before halftime. In the second half, meanwhile, Mayfield led three scoring drives and even caught a two-point conversion from Jarvis Landry following a Carlos Hyde touchdown.

“They pulled out all the stops tonight,” 92.3 The Fan Cleveland Browns Reporter Daryl Ruiter told Zach Gelb, who was filling in as host of After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “What a shot in the arm he was able to provide this team. I will tell you this: in the 20 years I have covered the Cleveland Browns, I have not watched quarterback play that beautiful. That was just incredible to watch. The throws were just so crisp, tight, on target, with velocity – that was a tremendous performance by Baker Mayfield.”

The Browns looked listless for much of the first half, as Taylor went 4-of-14 for 19 yards. Once Mayfield enter the fray, it was a completely different ball game.

“You could just see the energy – not just offensively, but on both sides of the football,” Ruiter said. “I really thought that the defense was starting to get tired and worn down because the offense wasn’t doing anything. Six possessions with Tyrod Taylor on the field, all of them ended in punts. So the offense was going nowhere with Tyrod Taylor. Baker comes in there and it just woke everybody up. It woke the offense up, it woke the defense up, it’s amazing how much improved the offensive line looked with Baker back there – the stadium was rocking tonight.”

Especially after Terrance Mitchell picked off Sam Darnold to seal the win. The Browns (1-1-1) will go for their second straight win next Sunday at Oakland (0-2).

The Browns haven’t won back-to-back games since 2014.

“I think you got to kind of temper things a little bit,” Ruiter said, “but the Browns could have a superstar on their hands in Baker Mayfield. That’s for sure.”