Brinson: "Browns Talking Too Much" This Offseason

From OBJ to Baker Mayfield, the Browns have fired a lot of shots this offseason, and Will Brinson has no idea why

Reiter Than You
August 21, 2019 - 7:57 am
Baker Mayfield Browns

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From Odell Beckham Jr. taking shots at his former team, to Baker Mayfield taking shots at Daniel Jones, the Cleveland Browns have done a lot of talking this offseason.

And senior NFL writer Will Brinson has no idea why.

“It just seems to me that the Browns have made a pretty big habit this offseason of unnecessarily firing shots at the Giants,” Brinson said on Reiter Than You. “I get that Odell Beckham was traded there, but . . . their identity is like this blue-collar, up-and-coming tough team, (and it’s) sort of been cast aside.”

Mayfield, when asked about Daniel Jones, said he “couldn’t believe” the Giants took the Duke product with the sixth overall pick.

“I love Baker Mayfield. He’s great,” Brinson said. “But do you really need two back-to-back GQ issues? Do you really need to be on every single magazine cover? I understand where you’re trying to get the publicity while you can, but it feels to me like the Browns would have been better-served by working through this offseason, getting the new coach in there, trying to get their first winning season in forever, try to get past winning eight games in three years – and it almost feels like a coronation offseason, when there hasn’t been anything that’s really happened to warrant them getting that crown.”

Even if Mayfield isn’t impressed with Jones, why tell that to GQ?

“When they bring up Daniel Jones, why even talk about it?” Brinson asked. “Just be like, ‘Man, he’s a great young quarterback. I can’t wait to see him.’ I understand you feel the need to put your opinion out there and to be yourself, and I think Baker does a great job of that. But it just feels a little bit like talking too much for their own good when you look at what the Browns are doing this offseason.”

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