Babe Ruth's Artifacts Hidden Off Pantry In Connecticut

The Babe's personal belongings will be sold this Saturday at Yankee Stadium – and the stories behind the sale, and the items, are incredible

The DA Show
June 12, 2019 - 11:26 am

Babe Ruth’s granddaughter, Linda Ruth Tosetti, dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Wednesday to discuss her family’s upcoming estate sale. Indeed, the personal collection of Babe Ruth is up for public auction and will be on display this Saturday at Yankee Stadium in the Legends Suite Club.

“I thought about it for two years and searched, asking my mom is this the right thing?” Tosetti said on The DA Show, explaining her decision to sell The Babe’s belongings. “But the new generation is coming up. They want to be fluid and they don’t collect, and we’re downsizing. I decided, well, I know a really good place that it would be adored – and that would be with his fans. He’s iconic, people love him – they would love his things.”

The public will have a chance to purchase anything and everything related to The Babe, including furniture, pictures, baseballs – even grooming devices.

“There’s a lot of things that came into the decision,” Tosetti said. “But it always goes back to the fans. It always did with my grandfather.”

Believe it or not, Tosetti, who lives in Durham, Connecticut, had been hiding The Babe’s belongings in her home.

“It was in a room in my home off the pantry,” she said. “We figured nobody would think Babe Ruth’s room would be off our pantry, and that’s how we were kind of hiding it. It was alarmed up to our necks. That’s how it went.”

Tosetti and her husband didn’t tell anyone in Durham about the room. They knew people would want to come see it.

“You can’t keep Babe on the down low,” she said, laughing. “It never works. Even when I travel and speak, when I come into the room – I tend to resemble him. I can’t even stay on the down low.”