Armstrong: I'll Never Ask Green To Tone It Down

Draymond Green sometimes lets his emotions get the best of him, but his passion is what makes him great

The DA Show
June 13, 2018 - 6:35 pm

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Draymond Green must feel on top of the world right now.
Just less than a week after Golden State swept through the NBA Finals to win the franchise’s third title in four years, it’s being widely reported that Green will decline the three-year, $72 million contract extension that he’s eligible for this summer, and will seek the super-max once his deal with the Warriors expires in two years.
Speaking with CBS Sports Radio’s Damon Amendolara, retired Chicago Bulls guard B.J. Armstrong, who also happens to be Green’s agent, revealed that he and the three-time All-Star haven’t had conversations yet regarding the player’s eventual plans.
“Right now, he is kind of enthralled in the moment,” Armstrong said on the DA Show. “When that time arrives, I think we will have that discussion.”
Instead of concentrating on the future, Green, Armstrong assured listeners, is living in the present, with winning still being the ultimate goal.
“Draymond has maintained his focus of winning, and that’s been his priority since he came into this league,” Armstrong said. “I give him all the credit for that.”
Succeeding as a three-time NBA champion on his own right, Armstrong has the unique viewpoint of being a former player and a current sports agent, giving himself a sense of relatablility that most representatives don’t usually possess. Through his particular experiences, Armstrong has learned that the greatest indicator of success is the ability to win, thus giving someone like Green extra considerable worth in the open market when he becomes available in free agency.
“Having the perspective as a former player, working in the front office as an executive, and now doing it as an agent, the one key thing is success,” Armstrong said on the DA Show. “Framework is going to be achieved with winning.”
Although he’s an extremely talented player and has an incredible work ethic, Green’s passion on the court has often gotten him into trouble with NBA officials. He is often among the league leaders in technical fouls – and has been criticized as a result. Still, Armstrong insists that he will never ask Green to restrain himself during those situations, as his fiery intensity is the reason why so many throughout the league see the Michigan State product as such a special player.
“No, I don’t,” Armstrong said, when asked if he ever pleads for Green to calm down in games. “I learned that as a player myself – you’re always responsible for the effort that you bring to the court, and you’re responsible for bringing the energy that’s necessary to not only compete in that game, but try to win that game.
“When you find that player who brings effort and energy to every single game, then it’s important that you ask that player to do one thing — take that effort and energy, and direct it towards one thing, which is winning.”
Green’s determination is a notable talent on its own, which definitely attributes to Green’s consistent drive to win basketball games. 
“Under no circumstances would I ever ask Draymond Green to tone it down because how many players actually bring the effort and energy necessary for every night?” Armstrong asked. “Some players you have to motivate them to get ready to play. That’s not the case with Draymond, so for me to ask Draymond to tone it down would take away from what he brings naturally to the game. He is incredible.”
From one three-time world champion to another, two things seem to be certain for Armstrong: Green is quite the character, but he’s also a winner.

That is what makes him so valuable in his eyes.