Daniels: Warriors Don't Need Durant – And Never Did

The Warriors didn't need Kevin Durant as much as they needed him out of Oklahoma City, Antonio Daniels says

The DA Show
May 30, 2019 - 2:41 pm

The Golden State Warriors haven’t lost since losing Kevin Durant to a calf injury in Game 5 of the Western Conference semifinals, leading many to speculate that they’re actually a better team without him.

Antonio Daniels’ response? Stop, you’re embarrassing yourself. 

“Stop it,” Daniels said on The DA Show. “Stop it. I don’t grasp this concept. They aren’t better without Kevin Durant. They’re different without Kevin Durant. And I’ll be the first to tell you they don’t need Kevin Durant. They didn’t need Kevin Durant. They needed Kevin Durant off of the Oklahoma City Thunder. That’s all. They didn’t need him because they were a really good team without him.”

They were a good team without Durant, yes, but they became all-time great after acquiring him.

“Prior to Kevin Durant, they had one championship – and they beat LeBron without Kyrie Irving and without Kevin Love,” Daniels reminded listeners. “That next year, they won 73 games, which is historic, yet they lost to LeBron James with Kyrie Irving and with Kevin Love. Then Kevin Durant comes and they win back-to-back championships with Kevin Durant winning back-to-back Finals MVPs.

"I don’t grasp this concept that they’re a better team without Kevin Durant,” Daniels continued. “They may play a little bit different, and as Draymond said, they may get a little lazy because they realize how good they are with Kevin Durant. But it’s foolish to say you got one of the top-three players in the world on any team and you take him off that team and they’re a better team. No way, no how.”