Munoz On No Preseason: I Could Have Played 20 Years

Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz, who played 13 seasons for the Bengals, would have welcomed no preseason games "with open arms"

The DA Show
July 22, 2020 - 10:23 am

The NFL has canceled the 2020 preseason, which should lighten the wear and tear on players heading into Week 1. 

Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz, who played 13 seasons for the Cincinnati Bengals, would have loved going straight from training camp to the regular season.

“No hitting in camp, no pads during the week – maybe [I could have played] 20 years in the NFL,” Munoz joked on The DA Show. “We played a little more preseason. We probably played half at times. The only thing I would have liked during camp is to see some stunts live: see some one-on-one live, see some run live, see some [scrapes] . . . and then I would have been ready. I think you need that. Not having all the preseason, I would have welcomed that with open arms.”

Aside from no preseason, players will have to adjust to playing games in front of empty – or close to empty – stadiums. Munoz believes that will impact the play on the field.

“If we would have been playing in Denver on the road, I would have welcomed it,” he said. “That way I could hear my quarterback, Boomer Esiason. If I was home at The Jungle, I would have wanted [the fans there]. When we were playing there, the crowd was unbelievable. It was one of those cookie-cutter stadiums where they’re right on top of you, so it was great to have your fans. At home, you’ll miss that. I think on the road, too, it kind of motivates you when people are screaming and yelling at you and they’re totally against you. But it’s going to be very strange.”