Samson: Ausmus Was Toast; Phillies Should Hire Maddon

The Angels, Cubs – and potentially the Phillies – have decisions to make

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
October 01, 2019 - 8:07 am
Joe Maddon Cubs

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The Angels have fired Brad Ausmus after one season, this after Ausmus failed to guide the team to the playoffs, or even a winning record. The Angels went 72-90 and have finished with a losing record in four straight seasons.

“I think that they’re realizing that Mike Trout is in the prime of his career, about to win the MVP, and they can’t even win 81 games,” former Marlins president and CBS Sports HQ analyst David Samson said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “It sort of reminds me of what happened with me and the Marlins with Giancarlo Stanton. We had this great outfield, and we just couldn’t win games. There’s something going on in L.A., and the owner obviously isn’t going to fire himself, and neither is the president. The GM has one thing to do, and you can’t get rid of the players. You can get rid of Trout or Ohtani. So therefore, you got to try something new.”

Some wonder if the Angels fired Ausmus to make a run at Joe Maddon, who parted ways with the Cubs. Samson says that’s not the case.

“The fact is they were going to fire Ausmus long before Maddon got let go by the Cubs,” Samson said. “Maddon could end up there, but Ausmus was finished anyway.”

Samson believes Maddon would be a great fit in Philadelphia.

“If I’m the Philadelphia Phillies, I stand up right now and I fire Gabe Kapler and I hire Joe Maddon,” he said. “What you do when you’re hiring a manager – and I was really good at this because I did it every year – you keep switching off. You go from a really strict, tough, rules-based disciplinarian, and then when the players get sick of that, you bring in a player manager who’s calm and nice and lets the players get loose. Then when that doesn’t work, you get rid of that. 

“The Cubs need someone to go in there and tighten the reins,” Samson continued. “After 2016, things just got a little loose. A lot of base-running mistakes in Chicago this year, a lot of sloppy play – there was something just off with the Cubs all year. So Joe Maddon is gone and they’ll bring in someone tighter. Whereas in Philadelphia, they played so tightly, they were supposed to win, and under Gabe Kapler, everyone was just nervous all the time. No one knew what was going on because he’s such a scattered manager. So now they should bring in someone who’s a little looser. So you’re right: today’s trash is tomorrow’s gold, and it just goes back and forth. And there you have it.”

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