Brandt On Bell: "I Have No Understanding Of What He Did"

Le'Veon Bell will likely receive roughly $30 million in guaranteed money in his next contract, Andrew Brandt says, and "the rest will be fluff"

Taz and the Moose
March 12, 2019 - 10:25 am
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Several NFL teams figure to make a run at Le’Veon Bell in free agency, including the Jets, Raiders, 49ers, Ravens, and Packers. Wherever Bell lands, however, he may be underwhelmed by the contract he receives.

“I’ve been very vocal about Bell. I have no understanding of what he did,” MMQB columnist Andrew Brandt said on Taz & The Moose. “He’s not going to make up $15 million. Even if he gets $30 million guaranteed now, he could have gotten that last year. So I just don’t understand Bell. If I’m a team, I’m going to do however many years it (takes), but I’m not guaranteeing more than two. I think he’ll come out with $30 million guaranteed, and then the rest will be fluff.”

Last July, Todd Gurley, 24, signed a four-year deal with $45 million in guaranteed money. Brandt does not believe that Bell, 27, will receive that kind of deal.

“No, no I don’t,” Brandt said. “He’s older, and there are questions about him that Gurley didn’t have. Again, I could be wrong. We talk about four teams bidding – that’s going to drive up the price. But we’ll see.”

Brandt served as Packers vice president from 1999 to 2008, negotiating player contracts and managing the salary cap, among other responsibilities. He explained what matters – and what doesn’t – with NFL contracts.

“Pay no attention to (the) numbers,” he said. “It’s all about the guarantee. The real factor I would look for in any of these deals is past year two. Past year two, are there guarantees? And I’m not talking about guarantees like if you’re on the roster in March. No, that’s not a guarantee. (I’m talking about full guarantees). Kirk Cousins had that, but I don’t know if any of these players are going to have that. That’s what I would look for.”