Trask: The Raiders Leaving Oakland Was Avoidable

The former Raiders executive reflected on the "surreal" scene in Oakland on Sunday

The DA Show
December 17, 2019 - 12:27 pm

The Raiders played their final game in Oakland on Sunday, a 20-16 loss to Jacksonville. It was the Raiders’ fourth straight loss, which dropped them to 6-8 on the season.

But the move, not the loss, was the story of the day.

“It was surreal,” former Raiders executive Amy Trask said on The DA Show. “Looking at the live shots to those magnificent Raider fans in the parking lot, each one of whom I could name and tell you who they are underneath those costumes, I got a lump in my throat. For those fans that are happy about the move and looking forward to the move, I’m happy for them, and for those fans who are heartbroken by the move, I’m heartbroken for them.”

The Raiders will play their next home game in Las Vegas, and for D.A., the relocation seemed avoidable. After all, couldn’t the NFL have found a way to bridge the financial gap between stadium proposals?

“I agree with you entirely,” Trask said, “but I will also say I think the league could have done that with respect to the Chargers in San Diego. So yes and yes, and of course those aren’t mutually exclusive. They could have done both.”

D.A. also wondered if the move was about sanitizing the image of the Raiders and doing away with some of the riffraff associated with the Black Hole, for instance.

“I think yes with respect to some in the league office who are no longer in the league office, and yes with respect to some in the league as a whole, but not with respect to everybody,” Trask said. “Was there an element of that with respect to some people? Yes. Was that the case with all the people? No.”

Interestingly, Raiders owner Mark Davis was asked Sunday if he was nostalgic about the move – and he said no.

“I was taken aback by that,” Trask said. “I was very taken aback by that. (Someone suggested) perhaps he was caught off guard, but how can you be caught off guard? You’re playing your last game in a stadium in a community which has a tremendous relationship with the organization, you know the media is going to be asking you questions, so I don’t know that it was being caught off guard. But I, too, was very, very surprised by that.”