Trask To Steelers: Figure It Out

Antonio Brown and the Steelers need to "hit control-alt-delete" on their relationship and begin anew, Amy Trask says

Reiter Than You
January 11, 2019 - 8:21 am

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It remains to be seen whether Antonio Brown has played his last game as a Pittsburgh Steeler, but former Raiders executive Amy Trask has some advice for all parties involved: figure it out.

“I would do anything I could if I were the Steelers to make this work out and to keep Antonio Brown, and I would do a lot if I were another team to acquire him at the right price,” Trask said on Reiter Than You. “One of the things that annoys me about a circumstance like this is what do people tell kids all the time when brothers and sisters are fighting, when kids in school are fighting, when kids are talking back to their teacher – whatever it is. You bring them in a room and you say, ‘Find a way to get along. Sit down, work it out, find a way to put your problems behind you, and find a way to get along.’

“That’s what I would do if I were the Steelers,” Trask continued. “I would put everyone appropriate in the room: the coach, the players, the owner, the GM - I would put everyone in a room and say, ‘We’re going to hit control-alt-delete on our relationship.’”

For younger folks who aren’t aware, control-alt-delete was a way to reboot computers back in the day.

“Figure it out,” Trask said. “Get a do-over on the relationship. He is extraordinarily talented. By a lot of people’s accounts, a good guy. Obviously there was a problem there. I don’t think that problem is unique to Antonio Brown. There’s a bigger problem there. Get in a room, find a way to work it out, and move forward together.”