Trask: NFL Season Could Be Shortened

The 2020 NFL season could be delayed or shortened due to the coronavirus, Amy Trask says

Tiki and Tierney
March 25, 2020 - 8:05 pm
Roger Goodell NFL

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The NBA season has been suspended, the NCAA Tournaments were canceled, and the 2020 Olympics have been pushed to 2021, among other pandemic-fueled disruptions in the sports world.

But what about the NFL? Could the season be canceled? Or at least postponed beyond its Sept. 10 start?

“I think it can be a shortened season, and we saw that many, many years ago when there was a labor disruption and the season was truncated,” CBS Sports Network NFL analyst Amy Trask said on Tiki & Tierney. “Whether or not the league would be willing to go, if need be, with an eight-week season or a 10-week season – hard to imagine it would do anything less than 50 percent of a regular normal season. But look, every business, every individual – we’re all going to have to be flexible. Those things that we thought were cast in stone, well, guess what? We’re all going to need to rethink them. I’m sure the desire is to have some games, even if all games can’t be hosted.”

The NFL Draft, meanwhile, could also be postponed. While the NFL has said it will occur as planned – April 23-25 – many NFL GMs want more time to meet players and prepare.

Trask, a former Raiders executive, doesn’t have much sympathy.

“It’s not as hard to do many of the things that people claim are so hard,” she said. “People walk around – coaches, football personnel, scouts – and the quote I heard over and over and over again is, ‘You just don’t understand how hard it is.’ No, it’s not that hard. You’re drafting football players. And I don’t want to minimize that. But when we want to talk about things that are hard right now, talk about being a physician. Talk about being on the frontlines. Talk about being someone who’s sacrificing their safety to help others. This is a draft. We live in a day and age where there’s Zoom and there’s FaceTime and there’s Skype and there’s email and there’s all of these things that can help you draft players. 

“I simply do not agree with the ‘You don’t understand how hard it is,’ [mindset],” Trask continued. “As long as all teams are on equal footing – and Roger [Goodell] made that happen when he announced all facilities are now shut down, not simply the ones in states where there are shelter-in-place orders – if all facilities are shut down and every single team is on equal footing, you can get it done if you choose to get it done.”