Trask: Raiders' Personnel Decisions "Puzzling"

Jon Gruden says the Raiders are rebuilding, but his words don't align with his personnel decisions

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
September 26, 2018 - 9:43 am

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There are three 0-3 teams in the NFL, and unfortunately for the Oakland Raiders, they’re one of them. They’ve lost to the Rams, Broncos and Dolphins. Even worse? They led in the second half in all three.

While the Raiders are winless, are they at least making progress?

“I don’t know how to answer that in terms of progress because I’m not sure of the direction that’s been articulated,” former Raiders executive and current CBS NFL analyst Amy Trask said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “Jon Gruden has said a number of times that it’s a rebuild, that he’s looking toward the future, that that’s why the (Khalil) Mack trade was made – to gather draft picks and build for the future. But what’s puzzling about that is the organization went out and spent roughly $55 million this offseason on older, veteran players.”

That is, in a word, non-sensical.

“While there are certainly some older vets that can contribute and help if you’re looking to reshape a team, I just found that very puzzling,” Trask said. “If you are going to rebuild and trade a spectacular player for draft picks, why are you spending $55 million on guys that are much further along in their career? You’re trading a third for a receiver (Martavis Bryant) who was questionable when you did it. You traded for a quarterback you then released. There’s things which puzzle me.”

Draft picks are great, but Mack was a sure thing.

“You’ve articulated that you want to rebuild, but there’s not assurance that draft picks work out,” Trask said. “We could sit and name the number of first-round draft picks that have been tremendous disappointments. Draft picks aren’t a certainty. So I’m puzzled by a lot of what’s going on, and I certainly wish the best for Raiders fans. I always have, I always will. But I find it puzzling.”

The Raiders will try to get in the win column this Sunday against Cleveland (1-2). Kickoff is at 4:05 p.m. ET.