Trask: Kaepernick Workout Put Together Haphazardly

Perhaps Colin Kaepernick's workout isn't just a P.R. stunt, but the circumstances surrounding it are curious, to say the least

The DA Show
November 14, 2019 - 11:14 am

On Tuesday, NFL teams were invited to attend a private workout for Colin Kaepernick this Saturday in Atlanta. While some teams – including the Patriots, Cowboys, and Giants – are reportedly interested in seeing Kaepernick, the execution of this workout has been curious, at best.

Is this truly a sincere workout, or is it just a P.R. stunt?

“Whether the intent was sincere or whether it was a stunt, it’s been put together in a very haphazard manner,” former Raiders executive Amy Trask said on The DA Show. “If you want to do something like this – again, if the intent is sincere – you don’t just give three days notice. We still don’t know who’s bringing the receivers. Is the league providing the receivers? Is Colin supposed to get receivers together on three days notice?

“So again, I don’t know the intent,” Trask continued. “We can all speculate what it is. But irrespective of intent, this has not been well-executed, and I guess now it’s in question whether it will even go forward.”

D.A. found it strange that teams were only given a couple of days to figure out travel and personnel logistics. Plus, the workout is just one day before the Sunday slate of games.

“Is it possible on short notice to get someone anywhere? Absolutely, positively, yes,” Trask said. “Can a team, no matter where it’s located, have someone in Atlanta on Saturday? Absolutely, positively, yes. The question, though, is who will be available to go to that workout? If you are playing a game on Sunday or Monday, if this is not your bye week, it’s not going to be your head coach; it’s probably not going to be your general manager. So can every team get someone there? Of course. Can they get someone in a senior decision-making position there? No. . . . The whole thing, the timing, the effectuation of this, just seems haphazard.”